Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Exaggerated or Underestimated response to the Pope's?

No need to give links or articles about the whole Pope Benedict XVI's latest words and the response to it!

I completely understand what he meant! But I think he underestimated the response to it, because we all know what happened when the caricatures about the prophet have been made!

I also think the response is exaggerated! Check below:

CAIRO, Egypt - Al-Qaida in Iraq warned Pope Benedict XVI on Monday that its war against Christianity and the West will go on until Islam takes over the world, and Iran's supreme leader called for more protests over the pontiff's remarks on Islam.
Source: AP

It's like there's a very thin line right now that's barely hanging! and it's going to break soon. Everyone should be highly careful about what they want to say.

I suggest complete paranoia and obsessive compulsive behavior! This should let everyone be over-cautious about what they say, thus no misunderstandings would result!

Finally, I think if we keep it up, the Xenophobia that is, a nice World War III will be knocking on our doors.


  1. to be brief and to the point, the pope's words ignited the true feedback of these rag inter-religion dialogue. these demonstrations and disappointing comments on his holiness words came at a time when the press has been questioning the future of the dialogue between the religions which was reinforced by john paul II. i see the reactions as the symptoms of a complete failure(fiasco) of the dialogue between religions that lead to nowhere except some rhetoric statements showdown. if truly this dialogue was worth the pain and concession, we'd have seen a more civilised and contained reaction to even the harshest words that could be said by a pope. i'd say that since any group of people can't accept the other's opinion, the world will slide more to "dark ages" troubles and agony.

    GOD bless,

  2. The main problem i see in the responses to the pope's speach , is in the double standards of this nation which i do belong to no matter of my religeon
    10's of iraqi's are bombed everyday in the name of islam , journalists are kidnapped and heads are cut in the name of islam , women stonned to death in the name of islam , the world see those scenes daily and when they dare to critisize us we respond like monsters , while we are not doing anything against those monsters who distort the islam by killing and bombing and torturing in the name of jihad

  3. To Bachir:
    You're right, this is precisely what I tried to say in this entry. I believe what the Pope said is not wrong, but its timing is wrong, he should've known the response would be like that. Now I don't know if there would be ever a time that the response would be less than that!
    I believe true muslims understood what he meant, but I also believe there are a lot of righteous muslims out there, and yes there are terrorists and most of them are from islam, this is a truth and it shouldn't be hidden! I think educated, open minded, wise religious figures from both religions should start working on a serious and efficient dialog orelse this is definitely getting worse!

    To Ashtar:
    I completely agree with you, there is double standards everywhere apparently! We blame the west for their double standards and yet we do the same thing as well!

  4. I think the pope is trying to get islam to normalize itself. He recognizes that moderate muslims are the ones supporting murderous muslims, and judging by the islamic response, muslims have made a fool of themselves.

    Pope: Islam's contribution to the world is violence
    Islam: We will kill you until you are dead.