Monday, August 28, 2006

What's your religion? A question I will stop answering

I want religion to be no more than personal belief, not a criteria to judge, or a criteria that either opens a door to friendship or not, or a door to hatred or not. I am not saying everyone judges by religion! For those who don't, then I assume this won't be hard to apply, and for those who do? Then learn no to!

From now on if someone asks me: "What is your religion?" or an even more subtle question: "Where are you from?" (you see the latter basically reflects the religion to a certain point as well, combined with the name of the person).

I will answer: Humanity, and I am from Lebanon.

What is your religion? and where are you from?


  1. I'm a citizent of the world !!!

  2. That's kind of a given :P

  3. I'm every religion yet no religion, and have country is my country. :) (More particular, I'm a mystic, and come from the United States.)

  4. "The World is my Fatherland, Science is my Religion"

    Christian Huygens (1629-1695)