Friday, August 11, 2006

What was Israel thinking when they bombed Lebanese military bases?

While I was watching a report on TV today about the Lebanese Industry in Lebanon, about the financial loss and how long it will take to fix it and to recover and rebuild Lebanon, they said that there were more than 30 factories in Lebanon that were destroyed due to the Israeli air-strikes and attacks on Lebanon since July 12, 2006.

So I wondered, if Israel was merely targeting Hezbollah militants, if all their goal was to finish Hezbollah or at least make them retreat to the back by 20KM from the Lebanese-Israeli borders, then what were they thinking when they bombed factories? What were they thinking when they bombed military bases in Jamhour? What were they thinking when they bombed a Lebanese Red Cross ambulance vehicle? What were they thinking when they bombed international ambulance vehicles arriving to Lebanon to offer aid? What were they thinking?

Israeli soldier speaks to his men as they gather near the Lebanese border. APIt is so upsetting to watch TV! They said it will take 6 months to 1 year to rebuild small to medium bridges, and from 1 to 2 years to rebuild the large bridges, the sight of all the tourists fleeing from Lebanon.

When I wacthed tourists leave Lebanon on TV the 2nd and 3rd day of war, I said to myself: "Why are they leaving, this is not a war, something like that happened before, and immediately a solution was found! Israel is not going to bomb all Lebanon! Why would there be a war in Lebanon, we're through with war, that was 16 years ago, come on, war? in Lebanon?"

I didn't believe it was a war, as a matter of fact, I kept packing, because I was leaving to Lebanon on July 15.

Funny... how naive was I! I really thought no more war will happen in Lebanon, and even if a war does happen, I thought: "no body in the world would let it go on".

Boy, was I wrong.



  1. are thr arabs still sleeping and running,well go and fight for your country,for your wives,for your brother,for your sister and for your parents,know that ALLAH is with the believers and remember him often in battle and ALLAH will make give victory to the muslims,not shia nor sunni nor wahabi but the muslims.may ALLAH give victory to the believers insha ALLAH.ameen

  2. The whole problem with this war is that we Israelis take whatever Nasrallah says very seriously while the Lebanese do not seem to take what the Israelis say very seriously.
    We really mean it when we say that an armed agent of Iran on our border is unacceptable and that this is something we are willing to fight for.
    We already have Lebanon's attention as now it is willing to send 15000 troops to the border. I agree with you that we are causing great damage to your country. What else do we need to do to convince you that it is really important for us that HA is moved out of the south and eventually disarmed? Why won't you help us in this project and save Lebanon?

  3. (I really wish you can leave your names)

    To the first Anynomous:
    I have to disagree with you about one thing. I do not only hope the well being of muslims, I wish the well being for all human beings, whatever their ethnicity or religion they follow.

    To the second Anonymous:
    I honestly don't take what Israelis say seriously all the time, because since the war till now, Israel has said several things that have been changed later on.
    Example 1: When they said that Hezbollah has targetted Egyptian Dealers in a ship, while days later turned out that the Israeli warship was the one who had hit them
    Example 2: Israel saying that 100 Iranian people were fighting with Hezbollah, turns out that there weren't.
    There are other examples as well, I can't think of all of them now.

    If you are referring to the claimed guns and weapons and suitcases found, well I didn't believe it, I wouldn't mind believing it, but there was no indication that an Iranian person possesses these, I mean why? Did they find a wallet? a passport?

    Finally, I guess in Israel's way of thinking to convince us, it might end up erasing Lebanon from the map. Help you? Help us!!!

    We are running campaigns for cease-fire, but until now Hezbollah has welcomed the idea to send 15000 Lebanese troops, what did Israel do? No flexibility whatsoever!

    Come on...

  4. Burned AT,
    When this war started you were planning to go to Lebanon while in my case I had just left Lebanon the day before. I know your feeling of disbelief that this carnage was allowed to take place. Adversities are painful but they do occur in the lifes of individuals as well as nations and often we even justify them on the basis that we become better people after having had to meet the challenges . It does look to me that this is not the case in this situation. If one is to judge by the tone of the various Lebanese blogs that have sprouted over the past four weeks it becomes clear that the greater majority are blinded by their nationalism and patriotism to the ectent that all non Lebanese are conspiring against us and we are the only righteous people on earth. Now let me ask you whu would the world wish us harm? Another characteristic that has also made itself clear is that tribalism and sectarianism still fules the day in Lebanon.We have not shown that we value merit or allegiance to ideas. And finally another quick observation which is even evident in your post:-) we start something and we expect someone to interfer to hold us back and prevent us from carrying through with what we have started. Why are we so dependent on others to stop us from cutting ourselves? What if no one is to stop us? Do we have the right to expect others to watch over us?

    It is time that we grow up, depend on ourselves and have the courage to shape our own future.

  5. Well, don't think I am a stubborn prejudice patriotic Nazi for my Lebanon, and I don't think we're a superior race or something! Heheh, no I just fear more innocents and people I know die...
    At this point how do you suppose we can shape Lebanon's future and ours?
    Ours is easy, get the hell out of Lebanon and live abroad.
    But how can we shape Lebanon's? and our future in Lebanon? Now? How? Tell me!

    Do we have another choice but to call for help?

    The main purpose of this blog, is to try and show things that international media isn't showing. And unfortunately, some individuals are against Lebanon and do want it to be burned. But I don't care for ignorant close-minded people. I care for those who didn't have the chance to see all the truth, and I would like to show it to them, just spread some knowledge!

    Finally, I did not start the war.

  6. Also ghassan, I take it that you know how to read and write Arabic, so check this this article out, I think you'll like it.

  7. The international laws provided and guarded by the United nations are here to ensure peace and prevent wars in the world. this is why the UN has emerged after the world war 2. So the issue is not "asking" for the world to help us, this is already its job.