Saturday, August 05, 2006

What is happening on the Lebanese Ground?

This article is not to talk about the Israelis operations and invasions and how Hezbollah is putting up a strong fight, this article will be shedding some light on what is happening with the Lebanese people. At this point, the Lebanese people can be divided into several categories, and there are just many of them.
But I will only cite one of them, the category that I will be talking about today, a category that nobody is really mentioning.

The people in this category need to build a future, who are my age, who are young and ready to work hard to buy a house and have a family or maybe continue their education, and who are afraid to do so in Lebanon.

I fall in this category along with so many other Lebanese people. I am currently outside Lebanon, supposedly on my vacation and got stuck outside. I’ve never wanted to be in Lebanon more than now. But I also don’t know if this is where I want my future to be, because I am scared this war is nothing but a battle and there will be more battles in the future. Hatred only brings hatred, and war never leads to peace.

Keeping in touch with my friends, I've come to know that several of them have fled to outside Lebanon; they went to Cyprus, Switzerland, U.S.A., France, Kuwait, Jordan… And several are starting to search for work outside Lebanon. One friend said to me: "There is nothing here anymore for me, I might as well leave, to Qatar, to Dubai, it's better than here."

Some of the companies in Lebanon are even thinking of relocating their offices, I know the company I work for will divide their offices among Jordan and Qatar, and I know of a company which one of my friends works for who might relocate to Japan.

I guess you get the idea, not only financially and economically is our country losing its opportunities and chances, but also the generation that is one day to rule our country and make it stand on its feet, will be living to invest their energy and intelligence in other countries, and this is called immigration.

We have had this problem long ago, and just when people started believing in Lebanon and deciding to come back, the war happened; like a friend of mine who lives in Toronto, Canada, who was seriously thinking of coming back to live in Lebanon in summer 2007, but on 12th July 2006, she changed her mind.

What are they doing now? The Lebanese people! They are trying to cut down on driving their cars, barely they go to work, as some of them still have work, lucky them, because they don’t know when is the next time they can fill their cars with gas.

Speaking of work, I know several persons who got “excused” from work, they were given their salaries and been told: “do no come back”.

My friend works in a travel agency, so I asked her: “How is work?”
She replied: “Well I still go to work, but I have no work!” obviously because no one is traveling from or to Lebanon at this moment due to the airport being still shut down. My friend is afraid she might lose her job as well.

Everyday I am worried my brother might drive while going to his work on a bridge that suddenly Israel might assess as a road that leads to Syria and bombs it.

At the end the question is: “Should we go back and try to lead a normal life in Lebanon ignoring the possibility that another war might take place on our playground?”



  1. I say you come back, what is life without hope, what is Lebanon without its youth!

    i have a small story i would like to share with you, and with the readers of this blog. A story i read this when i was a child, and i think this was my first lesson of patriotisme.

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, King Suleiman and his kinship went on a trip in the forests. They wanted to find the most beautiful spot to sit in, have lunch and thus enjoy the nature. King Suleiman asked his beloved eagle to fly high and find that "SPOT". The eagle nodded yes and flew out of their sight. When he came back everyone knew the eagle has accomplished his task and all started following the bird. But they all were surprised when they arrived to a SWAMP. Angrily King Suleiman ordered the eagle to explain cause this was not a good joke. The eagle stood there with pride and faced the king with just a few words, few words i could and i will never forget:
    "This is where i was born, THIS IS MY COUNTRY"

  2. well i dunno, i have to disagree with you on that point. I believe that my country is where i could lead a good life, meaning where my loved ones are, and where all the opportunities are there for me to advance and lead a good life. Otherwise what's the point?

  3. "Love it or leave it". i believe it's time to check out the outcome of this quote since many people around here are feeling they r living on a strange land and that there is no future or work or whatever. i truly believe that my country of birth is where i m supposed to live, raise a family and stick to its culture. it ain't easy to go live as a "foreigner" in a country that might offer me a job but doesn;t offer a good life where i could live as a first-class citizen and guarantee that there won;t be any prejudice based on my nationality or race or whatever relate to discrimination. i'd rather stay in lebanon with bomb shells hitting on my head everyday rather than hearing the word" foreigner" everyday for the rest of my life.

    it is time to see that opportunities r everywhere waiting for the witty to squeeze them

  4. It is nice to think that the place where we were born is where our home is and where we should stay. But if where we are is holding us back, if we don't get a say in the destiny of our country, our home... then the only logical thing is to leave.
    I know so many people who are seriously considering re-locating, it saddens me, because I want to stay in Lebanon.