Sunday, August 13, 2006

The war in Lebanon has just began

As Israel conducted more battles and combats in the south of Lebanon just hours after the UN Security Council adopted a cease-fire plan under the 1701 resolution. Israeli troops surged into Southern Lebanon on Saturday August 12th, and reached the Litani river.

Saturday, August 12th, has the highest death tolls for the day, where 19 soldiers have died in heavy combats with Hezbollah militants, 5 were missing and 70 injured.

Counting the hours till Monday the 14th, 8 a.m. Beirut time, both leaders in Israel and Lebanon have agreed on the time for a cease-fire. But until then, a new war has begun as Israel needs to do what they wanted to do when they got into Lebanon in the first place, in the first war.

Hezbollah's militants have shot down a military transport helicopter in South Lebanon that contained 5 people aboard, that are all missing.

Israel said that their IDF have killed 40 Hezbollah militants, however Hezbollah only stated the death of 3.

Lebanese men inspect the destruction next to a collapsed apartment building in a Hezbollah stronghold... AP U.N. Deal Moves Forward, But Strikes Continue
As Lebanon and Hezbollah militants move forward with a U.N. peace deal, the nation's deadly conflict continues, claiming more civilian lives. (Aug. 12)
Click to watch video, source: Associated Press.

"We must not make a mistake, not in the resistance, the government or the people, and believe that the war has ended. The war has not ended," Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah declared.

Before the sun comes up on Sunday dawn, Israeli warplanes have reached Syrian borders and struck a bridge near the town of Halba, and a target that remains unidentified around Ali Nahri in East Bekaa Valley. Sources Lebanese Media.

Finally, the cease-fire is not adopted yet, and those 2 days and a half will probably seem to be the longest on the Lebanese as Israel has decided to begin a new war on August 12 to finish the business that the first war was supposed to on July 12.

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  1. 14 more hours to go for the cease-fire, I think Israel will definitely go by it as they're not doing so well out there.