Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To IDF: Good Job, thumps up!

Israel's first purpose of attacking and attempting to invade Lebanon, is to free their two kidnapped soldiers, finish Hezbollah or at least finish their military ability for years to come and make the Lebanese people and government hate Hezbollah.

And Israel... did nothing of this! Unless killing civilians and children was their purpose!

So Olmert, Bravo! you're the man, keep up the good work!


  1. yes, the jews fired katyusha missile on germany as well. great example!!!

  2. Although Olmert "The Great" has failed in achieving his aims in his war on Lebanon but I am still wondering about how everybody is forgetting or not paying attention about their permanent naval and aerial blockade as if they are the winners!

  3. No anonymous, you're right, they didn't answer back Germany!
    They just demolish houses that belong to palestinians, kick them our of their houses and kill them everyday!
    And they just kept doing this in Lebanon as well, and they call it as act of defense!
    Take this, am pretty sure you know how the Basketball game goes! The player on defends when the opposing team is on HIS side!
    THEREFORE Israel was ATTACKING when they were on Lebanon, not defending!

    Diala, I liked what el Murr said about this, he said that they will NOT wait for the permission to open the airport and seaport from Israel and they will do it anyway! We'll see!

  4. The west isnt going to tolerate Hezballahland. There is no real Lebanese government anymore and soon even the existing figment will be gone. When that happens the next war will be a war on LEBANON not Hezb'allah. I doubt that it will be gentle like one that just ended.

  5. 1- I noticed that you post the same comment on many blogs
    2- I noticed that you only post your opinion and don't read the others
    3- I respect you anyway and I will answer you by saying that there is no such thing as Hezballahland, it's Lebanon! and only Lebanon! It's a Lebanese issue, and Lebanon will deal with it. We don't want anyone advice or opinion or concern at this moment!
    There will not be another war.

    And I have a feeling that you wish there would be a war in Lebanon!

  6. Cool! I wrote almost the same thing earlier on my blog back in July:

  7. Even though the war ended much sooner than I had anticipated, the IDF has not achieved any of its objectives...

    1.) Rescuing the two kidnapped Israeli soldiers;
    2.) Destroying or at least severely impairing Hizballah's armament;
    3.) "Dethroning" Shaykh Hasan Nasrallah (either by forced exile or death).

    Over 1,000 innocent Lebanese and nearly 200 innocent Israelis have died. For what? Nothing. I believe Prime Minister Olmert received very bad advice from the Israeli military ecchelon--Hizballah turned out to be far more formidable than they had anticipated. (The Israeli leadership claims surprise at Hizballah's sophistication, yet had previously claimed that this same organisation is funded by "Syria and Iran"--two large nation-states. What did they expect...?)

    To be honest, both sides were wrong. The Golden Heights and Shebaa Farms is still (legally) Syrian territory; the Israeli government does not possess "sovereignty" over the Golan (despite its 1985 legislation of "expansive jurisdiction" to the contrary) just because it has established kibbutzim (settlements) in that area. (Tel Aviv's criticisms of the UN and the UNIFIL for not stopping Hizballah rockets also thuds false on the same basis.)

    In short, Tel Aviv should know better than to encourage its citizens to settle on territory that is NOT internationally-recognised sovereign Israeli territory.

    Second, Hizballah's logic has some tentative validity, but not entirely. Firing rockets into Shebaa Farms was not wrong (the UN repeatedly asked Damascus if this was all right, and Damascus said they didn't care what Hizballah did). Considering that they were firing into internationally-recognised Syrian territory, and the Syrian government didn't care what they did...then, there should not have been a problem...

    However, the Hizballahi leadership knows that Israeli kibbutzim are in the Golan, and if there are Israeli citizens killed, such incidents will no doubt provoke Tel Aviv into an invasion...

    Israeli defence analysts have stated that Tel Aviv has been planning the invasion for over five years; Hizballah has been planning it for at least a year-and-a-half.

    Hizballah wants thirty (twenty-eight to my last recollection, but possibly more) Lebanese prisoners released from Israeli jails. Prisoner swaps have been done before between Tel Aviv and Hizballah (despite the former's decree "...not to negotiate with terrorists"); however, in the last round, Tel Aviv was more defiant and unco-operative, prompting various attacks by Hizballah to get "bargaining chips".

    An easy solution for Middle-Eastern peace is for the State of Israel to return all captured territories (e.g., Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights, and Shebaa Farms) to their respective peoples (e.g., Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese). However, Tel Aviv will never do this because of the water aquifers in the West Bank and Golan, and access to the Mediterranean via Gaza (as well as newly discovered oil wells).

    So...Tel Aviv wants Washington to go the hard way: Completely re-make the Middle-Eastern political and cultural landscape (resulting in social chaos, sectarian violence, power struggles, economic depressions, etc.) than going the simple route and making Israel fulfill its (150) unfulfilled UN Resolutions*.

    * UN Resolutions are not binding, but only "guideliness of etiquette" for a nation-state to fulfill in order to return to good graces with the global community.

  8. Lilane I dont know if you are addressing my post, but on the off chance you are I will try to explain why I posted what I did. If Hezb'allah does not disarm there is a very real chance there will be another war and if the current government falls I think it wont be a limited war. A lot of bloggers seem to think this last war was horrible or useless. This was a very limited restrained war (if it even diserves that name), Beirut had water, electricity and food. Hospitals functioned. Compare this to what happend to Germany or Japan in the second world war. This was a warning more than it was a war and I see it being ignored. I post because I dont want to see Lebanon truly distroyed. Lebanon is the most Western of the "arab" countries , and could become a stable productive country. The more such countries there are the better off the world is.

    But Lebanon is potentially facing genuine destruction from a real war. This is the truth and it's ignored. I do try to point it out on blogs like this which look to the past, but draw no lessons about what do about the future.

    Please try to save yourselves. You dont have much time to build a real state with a real government and army. I doubt anyone is going to do it for you. I am pretty sure begging the Israelis to leave Hezb'allah alone wont save Lebanon, neither will cursing . I am looking for practical reasons to hope for a better future.

    If you find this offensive I will withdraw.

  9. To Kevin,

    As always I am impressed by your strong knowledge of the current and recent history of the Middle east! There are some things you mentioned which I did not know of, there are things I only learned today from that footage I posted a link to in one of my posts.

    Thanks for this informative comment :)

  10. To mikealpha,

    I will start by the end, I do not find this offensive at all, now that you cleared your point of view (although I still have questions), I find myself more comfortable discussing things. I actually love to hear the other point, coz unlike God, I do not know everything, I barely know anything apparently. Everyday I discover new things, conspiracies, brutalities, truth hidden, lies, evem from parties or sides I thought they were the good ones!
    I for one, am always ready to hear new things, research and check if they're right, and re-evaluate my point of view if applicable!

    I understand your concern, I sometimes answer in a way just to get a reacion, but in other posts, I put comments stating that "I smell something fishy"...

    1-If the danger is coming from Israel, and Israel might strike again, there is a big possibility, however I think that right now Olmert is being criticized badly!

    2-If the danger is coming from Hezbollah, well I truly believe, if Lebanese politicians deal with Nasrallah in a non-provocative way, there is no danger from them!

    3-If the danger is from Iran :S I don't know a lot about that subject so I will hope someone else will be able to continue this.

    Yet, thanks a lot for posting, always useful to read comments such as yours.

  11. To Liliane,

    Your welcome, sis! And thank you! :) *blushes* Like I always say, I read too much...

  12. It's disappointing what has happened in the post war period - if you can it that - I rather see this as an intermission - with the big finale coming shortly.

    The politicians in Lebanon are totally spineless - there should be all round condemnation of Hezbollah, banning of the movement both on a political and military level, and a new New government elected. Hezbollah should be banned, and expelled from the country yesterday - dont tell me that all of southern Lebanon is Hezbollah, if they are, then, good luck when the next war comes, hopefully by then there will be no Hezbollah left, and if that means there is no Shia left, better and better...

    What a farce, what a joke. You have a terrorist organisation running around terrorising the population, bringing war on the entire country - killing hundreds of civilians and making hundreds of thousands homeless or refugees...

    Where is the spine of the Lebanese politicians. Are they thinking of going back to the sham of the National Dialog - what a joke - I feel sorry for the Lebanese stuck in Lebanon - they deserve better than this.

    As for anybody who supports Hezbollah today - I say you are scum, traitors and dirtier than swine.

    For what it's worth, I am glad that it was mostly Hezbollah supporters who suffered the brunt of this latest war - hopefully it knocked some sense into them, if not, hopefully you will martyr soon for your beloved iranian ayotollahs...

  13. Well I don't agree with you. I mean of course I don't want any group in Lebanon (such as Hezbollah) to have weapons, but I don't think Hezbollah are walking around and terrorizing people as you put it.

    Israel is the one who killed hundred of civilians, 1/3 are children, and even if most of them are Shi'a and supporters of Hezbollah, doesn't mean they deserve to die. This outrageous to think this way. No one deserves to die like that, whatever their beliefs or ethnicity is!

    Actually it is Racist!

  14. Liliane,

    What does it take to terrorise a population - dropping bombs on apartment blocks, or rather...

    - being called a traitor everytime you question why Hezbollah has these weapons.
    - being called an Israeli agent if you advocate for freedom and democracy
    - afraid to voice your opinion for fear of retribution.
    - being shot for trying to flee the war zone
    - having militiamen walking around the streets with a gun visibly tucked at the waiste
    - having shia thugs rampage through Ashrafiyeh - because of a satire show

    this may not be the terror of the 80, but for a population who have just come out of a 20 year war, it is very terrorising and intimidating.

    So, you can blame Israel all you want for dropping bombs on you, but the truth is that they would not have dropped them in the first place had they not been attacked by HIZ-ASSFUCKERS.

    They are now supposedly on the streets handing out money for destroyed properties.

    So what is it, 12000 for the life of a family member... that's pretty cheap I guess - or maybe it's just me, I am christian after all.

    good luck with the cleaning up - at least you will be able to get a job as a labourer now...

  15. Fine, I agree that to a certain point Hezbollah has a hold of Lebanon and Lebanese decisions! Fine!

    But I still don't think Hezbollah are the only one to blame for this war! I would never think that war is a solution. But Israel are not innocent!

    Israeli government is really messing up, with the palestinians with everything! Everybody knows Israel's normal response would be to negotiate for the prisoners! but they didn't, they went for war!

    I am surprised to see that people just blame Hezbollah for this, more like the resistance!
    And just say Israel was reacting, I mean come on! We see the horrible things Israel is doing everyday to Palestine!

    Israel can just get the hell out of shebaa farms, return the prisoners (whether they're worth it or not) and they can live in peace and we will have EVERY REASON to disarm the resistance!

    Now the Lebanese sissy government is left where it was! We have sissy politicians! Since Syria withdrew they had every chance to make things better!

    Yes I admit the politicians here suck, I admit that the war is caused by Hezbollah! BUT PEOPLE SHOULD ADMIT THAT ISRAEL IS TO BLAME AS ANY OTHER PARTY!

    Iran and the USA are the patrons for this crap!

    And don't worry, I got my job still waiting for! But I don't mind cleaning up, because this is my country! My home!

  16. At the end of the day, Hezbollah will not be attacking Israel again. I'm not sure if it matters whether Hezbollah flies flags 24 hours a day next to Israeli border, as long as they have lost the ability to attack Israel, then I think Israel has achieved what they set out to do.

    Surviving an attack is hardly victory, but if that thought it what it takes to have peaceful borders, then may Hezbollah have many of those victories.

  17. I just had a major change of heart recently - I always believed that the Shia supported the Hezbollah because of all the support they provided, jobs, schools, hospitals amongst others - even now rent money and new furniture. I also believed that the Lebanese state should rush to support the shia before the Hezbollah can buy their allegence again.

    But then, I started to think - Is this really how we are to define ourselves and our loyalty to our country - buying loyalty, paying bribes??

    What sort of patriotism is it where we have to compete for that loyalty by providing the Shia with money, rent or furniture.. will there be gaurentees that they wont go and accept money agaain if some other country pays more?

    The Lebanese govternment should provide the schools, hospitals, transport, and that type of support, it should also provice some assistance in helping them rebuild their homes, but, to sit on a street, or at a school, and hand out 12000$ to people (this is for rent for a year they say)...

    What would you think of the Hezbollah, what of the shia who are accepting this money..

    blood in Lebanon is cheap, apparently loyalty is too.

    Hezbollah has always claimed they are clean, they don't take bribes, are not corrupt...

    How clean can you really claim to be when you are bribing left right and centre.

    The shia of Lebanon are the biggest losers of this war in Lebanon.. Lebanon was one big loser of the war, but the shia are the bigger loser, and here is why...

    take for example and average family. the Lebanese Shia have had several wars brought on them, courtesy of the Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah - this since the end of the civil war.

    this average shia family may have lived in a modest dwelling at the thime, 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, small dining area, and a bathroom... It wasn't a palace by anyone's standards, but to that shia family it was home.

    Hezbollah starts a war, this shia family's home is destroyed. And the family is smaller by 2 children..not to worry, the shabab from Hezbollah will rebuild it for you, you will get new furniture.

    their home is rebuilt, and furnished. It is now a one bedroom,apartment, (because they now only have 2 children left) with a smaller kitchen, smaller living room, and the bathroom is alot worse. they are happy to get this new home, as they would not rather be homeless, and are eternally grateful to the hezbollah for giving their family a home.

    Along comes another war - proudly sponsored by Iran - this shia family's home is destroyed again. this time the mother and a child are both killed. And again the shabab from Hezbollah come to their rescue. But since it was only a one bedroom home, and there is only one father and one child left they this time only get a smaller studio apartment, it has a small kitchen, ensuite, and large bedroom that also doubles as their living quarters.

    The cycle repeates again, a new war comes around - courtesy of Iran, the Shia family home again is destroyed - but the ayotollas promise to donate generously with halal money, and rebuild their lives.

    the poor shia orphan is placed in an orphanage, but at least his schooling and hospital care is generously provided by the shebab of hezbollah...

    Can you now tell me now if this poor shia orphan will become (as a result of his hezbollah schooling) a doctor or a terrorist?

  18. And Liliane,

    I never mentioned the Palestinians. Any issues that concerns the Palestinians is not of concern to me - what is of concern to me is Lebanon and Lebanon only - that is my country and my priority. I can give them all the moral support they want, I will even sign petitiions, and protest, but, stop mixing the Israeli problems with the Palestinians with the Lebanese isses with Hezbollah - they are totally seperate - or is that Hezbollahs next excuse once the Sheeva farms are free???

    If the Hezbollah were so concerned for the Palestinians, why dont they up and move shop to the Gaza strip?

  19. To Mr. LebExile.

    1- I didn't mix the issue with the palestinians as in Hezbollah should free them. No of course not, I would never jeapordise a peace in my country for another country, if I care for the palestinians, I will definitely choose another way, signing petitions, documentaries, etc... More like spread awareness!
    But merely I was giving an example to show that Israel is not a peaceful or innocent country, a country not be blame for war, because "3enda sawebi2" with the palestinians and the Lebanese.

    2- Concerning your 3:14 AM post, I will disappoint you by agreeing with you :P
    Actually I was thinking of writing an article (or attempt, I am way far from writing articles, so let's just say an opinion) about this, and how people are being bought, and I guess you can notice this from my other posts Since Cease-fire, politicians are playing while Nasrallah's gaining popularity

    I also mentioned before, how when (you say Hezbollah, and I say Israel) Israel (and USA) is claiming to be fighting terrorism, yet as a matter of fact it is actually creating more, violence only leads to violence!

    I guess we always go back to a human basic needs right? What does each citizen ask from his country anyway, we ask for "Daman", for a program w te3wid for when we get older, security, maybe salaries for when we're unemployed (like how the system works in the US...) Unfortunately we live in a evil world... And we are bought... all the time, aren't we? And Hezbollah knows this! And Olmert is going to try to do the same for North Israel!

    Can you make all the world love you for your beautiful words? or because you provide them with a ceiling above their heads and food and jobs? We always go to point 1 = Basic needs.

  20. There are no absolute good or bad people. It's a matter of interests. Israel has its reasons, Arab countries have their reasons. Who threw the first stone? Unluckily Israel needs to defend itself (or attack) in order to survive, since some of its neighbors don't want it to exist. ALthough you don't agree with it i think the fact is:
    If Israel leaves its arms it will dissappear.
    If Iran develops nuclear arms, don't you think Israel existance is really in danger? So... what would you do being on the Israeli side? Even more, when Iranian Presidents says everyday that Israel must be wiped off the map...
    It's more than clear that another war is coming soon.

  21. So very true Anonymous...

    If we only we don't judge each other, by nationality, race, ethnicity, gender or age.

    Gibran's words in 1933

  22. Wouldn't be it more useful and interesting to have an impartial blog where you can analyze the situation from both sides instead of a partial opinion?
    Israel needs to destroy Hezbollah because it's a real threat to Israel. And Syria and Iran (its founder)need Hezbollah to fight against Israel. The problem is they support this group using your country, Lebanon. When you had such a beautiful country, why would you support such a group to go into war and get a destroyed country? Great, Israel might have lost the war, but your country is now destroyed... Yes, i know you'll rebuild it, but i think lebanese people is being used by Iran and Syria... and Syria is not your friend either...
    Let's put religion and beliefs aside and open your minds. Aren't they washing your minds? As i said before, you're not the good people or the bad people... Israel is not the bad or the good country. It's just a matter of interests and i think Lebanon is being used in Iran's race to be the middle east power.
    I'm a jew, i want Israel to exist of course, but i don't hate arabs. I don't have anything against simple people. It's just the politicians. They create the hatred. I'm not happy when i see dead children, either if he's israeli or arab.
    I can't understand when people go out to the strees to salute a terrorist attack which killed a lot of civilians.
    That's what politicians want: ignorant people, whose minds they can wash.
    It's good to put yourself on both sides and think what you would think belonging to each of them.
    And it's even better to be impartial and analyze the situation from an impartial point.
    Peace for everyone!

  23. I can't help but notice how you flipped from one post to another although my reply was agreeing with you.

    I would talk forever to tell you why this blog is as it is, but am sure if you stop and think for a moment you would realise why. In addition, maybe you should check our other posts, you see 1 post doesn't necessarily reflect what we believe entirely.

    Last thought, we don't like seeing people killed, whatever their nationality is...

    We just want Peace.

  24. Liliane, that was not for you, i'm sorry if you got upset with my post. It was a general post for everyone, Lebaneses, Israelis, Palestines, etc... I meant it would be useful to think about the reality from an impartial position. I know most of you and most of the israelis want peace, i'm sure about that. But politicians have other interests, that's the problem.
    I think Israel needed to go into this war, and Hezbollah also needed it, interests. But Lebanon didn't need it.
    The reason for this war wasn't the 2 kidnapped soldiers. Neither were the Shabba farms.
    Interests for this war came from other countries, that's the sad point. And that's why i don't understand why most of the Lebaneses support Hezbollah nowadays, when they got a destroyed country. Specially when you know Hezbolla belongs to another intesests, not your country's.
    I'm not saying you support it, but polls show most of you support it.
    Finally, i really appreciate your answers and it's very nice to find people who want peace all over the world.
    Best wishes!

  25. Not to worry, my bad :P

    Well actually... I guess there is one fact people should be aware off, polls don't necessarily show the truth... At least this is my opinion.

    As a matter of fact, half the Lebanese do not support Hezbollah.

    Personally I don't. But I still think that the idea that was given to the world was too wrong, that I would rather just stay neutral towards Hezbollah and against Israel (government not people of course).

    But to say the least, if it weren't for politics things would be much better ...

    It's only interest we all know, we also know that the war was bound to happen, so we kind of try to make it easier on us by saying maybe this was the best time, and maybe this one is the last one, and now schools can begin, we can rebuild... and in hope tourism will get back on its field.

    But we're also very afraid of what tomorrow holds so ....

    Anyway thanks a lot for your words :) This blog is mainly to hear what everyone has to say, the more we know what people think, the better.

  26. Thanks Liliane, very nice discussing with you and other people over there.
    You said this could be the last time... But, sorry for my words, i don't think it will be the last time. As long as 50% or more support Hezbollah, and it doesn't leave its arms the problem won't dissappear. Hezbollah hasn't probably been hurt in this war. And i'm sure they keep receiving arms these days (through Syria) or will get them in a near future.
    I don't understand why the Lebanese government allows peacekeepers on the Syrian border. That's a Hezbollah move, i don't find it benefical for you.
    It's very sad to see Labanon today from here, believe me that.
    Could you please explain why you have or had a neutral position towards Hezbollah? What do you find positive about they existing TODAY in your country?
    Don't you feel sad about seeing them hidden among civilians during the war? Or even more, they hidden underground and poor civilians under the bombs?
    I'm just aking it because it's important for me to hear what you think about that.

    Finally, i know you mind only about Lebanon, but my question is: Seeing Iran is looking for nuclear weapons and its President says Israel must be wiped off the map... what can be done about that? Is there any other alternative than a war (from the israeli side) ?
    As always the victims will be the civilians.

    Ok, again, nice discussing with you, hope everything gets better on Lebanon and that you all get real peace!

  27. Let me put it this way, at this point (now that the war is over *supposedly*) I wish Lebanon to be a sovereign and independent country, where the government has full control over the whole country and all the lands in it. I wish no army would be armed except the Lebanese army.
    And I also wish people believe in themselves and listen to themselves, and not politicians. For example, we'd be sitting my friends and I discussing stuff, and suddenly Lebanese politics comes up, and it is no longer a discussion, its a determination of who can convince the other without changing 0.01% of he/she believes in... Why? because they belong to political parties, and I think that's the root problem, I wish parties in Lebanon weren't political, I wish they would be social!!

    Finally, I do not agree with Ahmad Nijad is saying at all. I can't really give you a supported opinion, because I don't really follow the whole nuclear thing Iran has been trying to pull off lately. But whatever his position is, if he's right or wrong, I think it's racist to wish for a whole country to be wiped out of the map, I don't like the Israeli government AT ALL, but I fear for those innocent civilians... and I never wish harm for civilians...

    But as you said, the victims will and always be... the civilians!

    Honestly I do not watch the news, I only did the past month to follow on Lebanon. The reason behind that, is that I am too "world conscious", I care for the world a lot, and when I see the horrible acts and lies and wars on the news, it makes me VERY sad that I chose to ignore it... Am not sure though it's a good choice :)

    Maybe we should try and do something.