Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Take an hour and watch the atrocity of Israel on Palestine

Until now it appears that more than half the visitors to our blog are Americans, and I will take this opportunity to tell the americans to watch this footage! Americans in particular must see this video, to see how their beloved government is hiding the truth from them. I doubt anyone watching this movie, will still think the same afterwards.

IDF soldiers and officers have declined and signed a petition of not wanting to serve in the occupied territory, because it required starving, humiliating and patronizing the palestinians, and some of these soldiers have paid the price by going to jail and being called "traitors".

Jews who have believed that Palestine should be given a state of their own, were called "self-hating jews", and "traitors".

Everyone in the world should see this footage, for all other bloggers, make sure you put a link to this!

Click here to watch "Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land"


  1. This is the only movie I will ever recommend from now on! You have to see this documentary!

  2. I am an American who has watched this documentary and found it to be enlightening to say the least.
    If there were a way to have every citizen of the USA see this then the road to world peace whould be a much shorter journey.

  3. Yes you're right! I kept remembering how Bush said: "Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers, this is how violence is born." It's like he imposes on everyone, you're either with me or with terrorism! And this video made me realise there is terrorism because US government, precisely the BUSHIT has created it.
    I was glad to see americans in a big part involved in the footage + Chomsky!
    Thanks Mike for your comment, appreciated. I am trying my best to show it to everyone I know!

    Maybe we should all do this.