Friday, August 25, 2006

Still got the sense of humour... Johnnie Walker

I received the below images by email, no source for the first one. Well, Johnnie walker sure took advantage of the situation.
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Billboard on Nahr El Mot (Jdeideh - Lebanon)

Ad in Al Balad Newspaper 8/18/2006


  1. i believe the walker is supposed to walk in the other direction toward the hole and not the other way round, unless he has found a way to surpass it. In this case, we'll be more than happy if he shares how he did it:p

  2. Lebanese people are creative; first with jokes and now with ads. :))

    So you posted this before me. grrr

  3. You know, after I thought about it, okay the fuel one is funny! And not bad of an advice, we should start walkin, I go by car to a supermarket that is 1 minute drive!

    But the Bridge one, I don't know, it's sad, it's like:
    "Hey guys, Lebanon's bridges and infrastructure are destroyed, just immigrate and go to another country!"

  4. Taking advantage or not, point is it illustrates very well what's in the mind of people and is inspiring in its own way. On the other side, it is very important as well that people don't think much into it. Keep it simple ;)

  5. You have to be Lebanese to really gasp the message of the bridge ad.

    It was an inspiration to remind Lebanese people that they have to keep going, no matter how tough the road has gotten.

    When the bridges got destroyed, we didn't fall in the void, but kept on looking forward, cutting our losses, gathering our energy and walking towards a better future.

    A message of hope and peace. The only way to survival.

  6. You're right Najla, I didn't look at it this way... Nice put.

  7. personally, I think it's clever like the other Johnnie walker ad's not something that makes you go "hahaha" hysterically. Rather something that makes you chuckle.

    I think you guys are putting too much though into the bridge one.