Thursday, August 17, 2006

So what happens Thursday 17th of August

Saniora and the Lebanese Cabinet have agreed to send Lebanese troops to south The government ordered the army, which has been assembling north of the river, to "insure respect" for the Blue Line, the U.N.-demarcated border between Lebanon and Israel, and "apply the existing laws with regard to any weapons outside the authority of the Lebanese state."

That provision does not require Hezbollah to give up its arms, but rather directs them to keep them off the streets. "There will be no authority or weapons other than those of the state," said Information Minister Ghazi Aridi said.

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That is a good point to discuss, Aridi insisted that the only authority and weapons in Lebanon will be those of the state of Lebanon, what I did not understand, is that a definite way of saying we will be disarming Hezbollah, or was this just a way to silence the security council that Lebanon does really want to apply 1701 and the Taef agreement, however deep inside no body will be disarming Hezbollah?

Is there a private agreement between Sheikh Nasrallah and the Lebanese government about Hezbollah's weapons; they tell the world something, and they do something else on the ground?

Click here to watch a video showing how the displaced are going back to their houses and land, and the graffitis they hanged in their streets. Source: AP

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