Thursday, August 31, 2006

A small Tribute to Palestine's sufferings

Tell our Leaders to ACT NOW in Israel/Palestine!

The world cannot allow the conflict in Israel/Palestine to continue. Thousands of civilians have been killed and wounded in a conflict which threatens regional and global peace and security. We call on UN Security Council members, the Prime Minister of Israel, and the President and Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority to implement an immediate ceasefire and restart the Middle East peace process.

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Dahyeh, August 25, 2006. Arofish Stencil Graffiti - Lebanon.

The text in the picture reads:
"When Ramallah, in Palestine, is put under curfew by the Israeli Army, nobody goes outside for days. The streets look completely deserted. But from a tall building, if you look out over the city, you can sometimes see hundreds of many-coloured kites, flown from the roof-terraces by the children of Ramallah. The children you can see here are flying kites to celebrate the spirit of the people of Dahyeh. Some kites you can see are flying away. These are for the children who are no longer here; they are no longer held down to the Earth."
Thanks to our friend
Marianna Azouri for the above link.

Click here to view a segment from Arundhati Roy's documentary about the Palestine/Israel history. Click for more.

Click here to view another segment from "Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land", to watch full documentary concerning what is happening in Israel, and how sometimes the media hides it, click here.


  1. This is propaganda for Islamic Terrorism. If the Palestinians wanted peace, they would simply put down their weapons and go to the table. Peace isn't what they want. They thirst only for blood as do all militant Muslims in their pursuit of the ultimate fulfilment of the Koran and Hadith.

  2. That's not true, such generalization can't be made. These people are frustrated, they've been in war since ever. And the reason why Arafat didn't accept the "Peace deal" they gave it to him in 2000, was because it was not a good or fair deal for them at all.
    There are kids there and teenagers and these people have no hope, no ambition, no work, and no tomorrow... Come on! Their homes are demolished (because its illegal because Israel isn't giving them the permits in the first place). Israel is taking their land!
    And... Israel cannot be defending itself when it is attacking them on their territory... it's an easy concept to comprehend!

    Many Israelis refuse this, because there is something called logic and believe in justice!
    Of course we condemn the suicide bombers... but put yourself in their shoes, curfew most of the days, being investigated and prohibited sometimes to leave their town to go visit another place... a lot of innocent people are suffering!
    This should stop!