Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Since cease-fire, politicians are playing while Nasrallah's gaining popularity

Monday August 21, 2006

Well unlike what is stated in resolution 1701 put by the UN and voted for in the security council on Saturday August 12, Israel has been following the rules in this resolution, by violating them.

Israel is risking the truce, claiming last saturday that the reason for their "commandos" operation near Baalbeck is that they suspected weapons being smuggled into Lebanon for Hezbollah.

Elias el Murr, Lebanese defense minister, has warned Israel of this violation, and ordered not to repeat such actions, he also vowed to punish any group that violates ceasefire amid a plan to tighten security in all regions (Naharnet.com).

In today's dual press conference with Prince of Qatar, President Lahoud's speech, unlike his last speech (Friday August 18), was improved, moreover he thanked thoroughly the reporters that have risked their lives in order to report the truth, he in particular complimented Al-Jazeera TV for their "objective" reporting in a world where the truth have been hidden or twisted.

Prince of Qatar believes that Israel's attacking any arab country is no more possible and the peace seems to be applicable nowadays more than ever. He added that it is not acceptable to forbid weapons from Lebanon and allow them to Israel. He insisted that Israel should start applying the 1701 UN resolution and stop the blockade on Lebanon, because as he put it, they needed to take permission in order to come to Lebanon.

Finally, the Prince of Qatar acted as a messenger bringing an invitation to visit Damascus from the Syrian President to Saniora.

After last week's rough and harsh replies that have come from Hariri and Junblat (Thursday August 17), even Gemayel, Fares Soueid and others to the Assad's speech last week (Wednesday August 16), as it seems like the latter wants to smooth things between Syria and Lebanon. The reason for this, is tricky as always, as Assad knows he's in a bad position with the US, especially after his attempt of stealing the victory last week by praising the resistence's victory over Israel and taking a stand as if Syria was the one who won and not Lebanon.

Since then, Sheikh Nasrallah has not given any press conference, probably because he wants to show the world that he follows his own advice which is the fact that it is not time to blame or disarm or talk, it is time to rebuild Lebanon. This way he can also lay low and let the kids play, while he strengthens Hezbollah's position in Lebanon and increases his popularity.

Last but not least, Bush held a press conference today, besides from sending aid to Lebanon, it can be said in summary that he repeated what he always said, no step forward, no step backward. For the U.S. they're still in the same position as before July 2006 war.

Although Iran is back to the game of Uranium, and seems to be persistent of it this time. But is this time any different?

Source: Lebanese Media, Al Jazeera TV


  1. why did hizbo pay brides in US dollars the money of "big Satan" according to them, instead of paying out in Lebanese pounds, especially that the pound is under tremendous sell-off pressures now. Why did the Iranian money come to a party at the expense of the government...Why this ridiculous sum of money that doesn't compare to the real costs. Why why

  2. Elias el Murr, Lebanese defense minister, has warned Israel of this violation, and ordered not to repeat such actions

    Murr gives warnings and orders to Israel now?