Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nasrallah will keep RE-acting to all Israeli hostile ACTs

Nasrallah said that the "resistance" is a reaction, and if Israel's attacks and acts keep going on Lebanon, the resistance will react naturally.

Nasrallah continued: "As long as Lebanon is occupied, we will keep resisting and defending Lebanon, as this is our right".

He considered the fact that Security Council held Hezbollah responsible for this war, as unjust and unfair, and afterwards explained that after the kidnap of the 2 Israeli soldiers, it was Israel who attacked civilians in South Lebanon, and hence Hezbollah have replied by launching rockets to Israel's cities.

Israel's attacks and ground operations are ongoing in Lebanon, for today, tomorrow and Monday, and he insisted that the resolution had given this chance to keep their hostility occuring in Lebanon.

He said many points should be discussed on the discussion table inside Lebanon and among the Lebanese leaders, and concerning other few points he will stay reserved about as it is not time to talk about them, and he will deal with them in the future.

Nasrallah requested from the Lebanese to stay united as they have for the past month, he added that the priority at this moment is a cease-fire and for the displaced and immigrants to come back.


  1. The other priority is for HA to be disarmed. That was a priority before the war and it has become a necessity now.

  2. Well, the war isn't over yet. Is it? So obviously they still have a reason to fight back, we're seeing what the Israeli Defense Forces are doing right as we speak.