Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nasrallah says the truth, Wednesday, 9 August

Nasrallah in a televised word on Al-Manar today requested the Arab people of Haifa to flee to a safer place, as he feels for them and worries of hurting them, which is holding back the rocket launching towards Haifa, meanwhile Israel's air-strikes are increasing by the minute on the Southern suburb of Beirut.

Sheikh Nasralla also holds Bush responsible for the cause of delay in the UN draft for a resolution concerning the cease-fire in Lebanon.

Moreover he adds, that while Hezbollah are targeting soldiers and military in Israel, IDF are targetting civilians to pressure the Lebanese people and their government.

After nearly 1 month of the Israeli attack on Lebanon, the resistance is still fighting from the front line, which proves their success until now in this war.

Watch video where a part of it shows a reaction to today's Nasrallah's televised word. Courtesy of Yahoo! News and Associated Press.


  1. Two wrongs do not make a right. I was opposed to treating HA as a privileged entity and allowing it to operate above the law prior to the war. Their irresponsible actions and their miscalculations have brought pain and agony to a whole nation. Even if Israel capitulates and the war is won outright by HA their military presence would still be illegal and cannot be considered to coincide with the interests of a sovereign state. If Lebanon is to survive then HA must be disarmed.

  2. Yeah right! It's all one very big huge success.

    Let's plan on having a big success like that every year.

  3. I do not totally back up Hezbollah, but does anyone of you know that before Hezbollah broke the blue line, Israel had done it dozens of times since 2000? since their withdrawal, and that Israel possesses Lebanese prisoners since 15 and 20 years?
    I agree that revenge only brings revenge, and as Bush wants to end the violence for Peace, he gives more time for Israel to keep targetting Hezbollah and ending up killing almost 1000 civilian!
    Bush made a war on Iraq, wanting to end violence, look how much violence it created!
    Violence Never Ever leads to peace!
    If we want to track back the original reason, no one will like what they hear.
    And whether you are with or against Hezbollah, the fact that they are still there in opposition of Israel after 29 days, does show strength.

  4. Liliane, come on , you know the answer to the issue that you raise, Israel is wrong whenevr it violated Lebanese sovereignty but that is not an excuse for a private armed group to take the law in its own hand and act on behalf a whole nation when it clearly was not asked to. Actuallt it is clear to all that the state was always intent on disarming the private melitia but did not act on its goal for one reason or another. HA is a vigilante group that is not better than a mafia.

  5. Listen, at this point, as a Lebanese, it is best to forget about Hezbollah. As for me we have one enemy, if it were for me, I wouldn't want war in 1975 even or before that.
    I told you I don't back-up hezbollah, I do not back-up weapons at all. But for me, all I hope at this point, is that our Lebanese Troops, does get distributed on the borders, this is what I hope, and I also hope, Israel leave from Shebaa Farms, and returns the Lebanese prisoners, and Hezbollah returns their 2 soldiers.
    And Lebanon for once accomplishes its sovereignty, and then Hezbollah gets disarmed for having no reason to keep the arms.
    THis what I hope, don't think that I am Hezbollah fan, but I hate what Israel is doing more, and I hate in the US (I watch the media here sometimes) they are promoting that Israel is actually helping poor Lebanon! No it's not. in my opinion, killing our civilians is not helping us. They wanna help us, then they should give Hezbollah NO REASON WHAT'S SO EVER to be armed, meaning, leave our country w point final. Know what I mean?

    And you know why I don't speak against Hezbollah, it is because if I do that, the only thing that the international society will pick, is that Lebanese people don't want Hezbollah, and they will interpret it as us really wanting Israel to do this.

    So in my opinion at this point, as Lebanese, we should stand against Israel, ask for a cease-fire and the points I mentioned above.

  6. I am writing from the U.S. I am not Jewish or Muslim or
    even very religious -(I was raised Catholic). I have no personal interest in the "war" is what I'm trying to convey.
    But , believe me , I'm having very little sympathy for Israel.
    On the other hand , I have great sympathy for the Lebanese
    people - and great sadness. We in the west mostly believe
    that Arabs and Muslims hate us. I wish that wasn't the case- I don't hate anyone. I think people are the same everywhere. We all want peace and prosperity and for our children to have the same. It's true that there is a large
    and influential Jewish population in this country but believe
    me there are more people who are anti-Israeli here today than there were one month ago.
    I sure don't have any answer to the problems in the Middle East but I did want you to know that not everyone in the U.S. who is "neutral" in this is
    unconditionally behind Israel. I wish you all peace
    and safety.

  7. Liliane,
    You strike me as a very reasonable person who has not given enough thought to another alternatives and that is to oppose the Israeli aggression and the HA military presence at the same time. Take care.

  8. To Anonymous, well I really appreciate your post and it makes me very happy, let me give you something in return and tell you that Arabs and Muslims don't hate "you", unfortunately this is what appears maybe, because this is how they want to show it, but it's not the truth... You know a lot of misconceptions occur.
    If some people show hatred towards USA or Israel, it's the political side they mean and not the people, and if few do mean the people, then let me tell you as a Lebanese person, that whoever judges someone by his/her race, nationality, ethnicity or religion, is lacking knowledge.

    To Ghassan:
    I can't at the same time oppose both, each at its right time. We have to know how to pick our battles. If I oppose both, I win neither, if I oppose each at a time, I win both. Iza allah rad.

  9. At what point, if ever, will we leave Israel alone? We all know they will eventually withdraw from Lebanon, completely. Once they do, do we really doubt that HA will re arm and start the whole mess all over?

  10. I have to tell you, that is a very good question. In my modest opinion, I am no strategist or political expert, a mere spectator, I think the reason behing Shebaa farms were confused to be either Lebanese or Syrian is that they wanted to give a reason for Hezbollah to stay armed.

    Therefore, if they needed a reason to be armed, then after this war, if there is no reason, Hezbollah will be disarmed.

    Now if they want a life of resistance, they can move to another country, probably Palestine or Syrian Joulan, but I highly doubt it, because Hezbollah are after all Lebanese people.

  11. Liliane
    These are just my observations, I am neither israeli nor lebaneese nor american.

    You are backing Hizbullah now, their fight is now your fight against Israelis. But if the israeli loose, Hizbullah will emerge stronger. They are heroes in Egipt, in Iran, in Syria and elsewhere in the arab world. They will get more money, more weapons, more arab support. Do you think that Hizbullah will not go after people in Lebanon who were talking against them, even if they support them now in their fight against Israel.
    You also mentioned that if Hizbullah will not have reason to be armed they will be disarmed. But I think Hizbullah will find the reason to stay armed. If not shebaa then palestinian (and muslim) fight against israeli if not that they will find something else. Do you really think you (lebaneese) have a chance to disarm Hizbullah? I really am not helpfull on that.
    I hope I am wrong.

  12. To ghassan

    Are you blind or support the enemy?. The source of the problem is the terrorist state of israel, the occupation and the destroying of the country the only thing that achieve is to make more people follows hezbollah.

  13. Liliane,
    Iza allah rad?? Believe me . He has nothing to do with it:-)

  14. Aside from those Iranians caught and killed yesterday by the IDF...Sigh...

  15. Well Ella, I understand your point, actually many people are now afraid of this point. But I have to tell you that sometimes the weirdest surprises happen in politics, one event can change everything, like the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, had led to withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon, something Lebanon wanted for 30 years.
    And now, this. Nasrallah might be a very strict leader, but I am sure that if no Lebanese points a guy towards him, he will not point a gun towards us!
    Lebanese people should unite, to prevent from a civil war, and to prevent from coming against Nasrallah.
    Now you said to free Palestine, then maybe, but logically (he's a logical person - despite whethere the hypothesis he started from was right or wrong, he does follow logic), he has no right to keep weapons, if no land in Lebanon is occupied, he wants Palestine free, then he can go there ! This is what I think.
    Israel is able to fix this, they can withdraw from all our land, so they are to blame as much as Hezbollah, we all know the war has been prepared for since long! It's not about the 2 kidpanned soldiers !

    And to the last anonymous: How did they know they were Iranians?

  16. Some victory . . . Hizbollah is a lot better at starting wars with Israel than defending Lebanon, if you ask me.

    Israel and Lebanon had a perfectly peaceful border well into the 1970s. Israel even unilaterally opened its border to Lebanese seeking medical and business affairs in Israel. Whatever problems Lebanon had in the 1950s and 1960s, Israel wasn't one of them.

    It's funny, Israel never violates Jordanian or Egyptian airspace, but it doesn't need to. Jordanian shephards never get killed. So what's different about Lebanon? Maybe Hizbollah with its missiles, its "death to Israel" shouts, and its cross-border kidnappings hurts Israeli-Lebanese relations?

  17. If you ask me, Hizbollah is better at starting wars with Israel than defending Lebanon.

    What was the Israeli-Lebanese frontier like before the 1970s? Was Israel a problem for Lebanon in the 1950s and 1960s? Does Israel violate Jordanian and Egyptian airspace?

    Peace with Israel results in peace.

    Gee, what's so different about Lebanon? Maybe Hizbollah's missile arsenal, eternal vow of "death to Israel," and cross-border attacks are bad for Israeli-Lebanese relations?

    Give me a break about the Cheba. If Cheba is Syrian, then you have no right to them. If Cheba is Lebanese, then offer "land for peace." Who are the Lebanese in Israeli jails? By what merit should Samir Kuntar be freed?

  18. Well, Hezbollah was created after the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon!

    And why should the Lebanese prisoners REMAIN in the Israeli Jails? can you answer this?

    At the end, it is because Jordan, Egypt succumb to USA and Israel, that's why.

    You know what's Ironic, Bush and Olmert want to end the "terrorism" and violence in Lebanon, by finishing all Hezbollah militants, however they killed so many civilians, I predict that the survivors among their dead families, are not going to be happy about it when they grow up.

    So tell me, is that the right way? Does Israel really want the best for Lebanon as it is claiming in the media? No if it wanted the best for Lebanon it would have taken a different turn.

    Hmm I feel like I will be repeating myself by sayin I don't totally back-up Hezbollah... read previous comments.

    Finally, if you care, please sign the petition to accomplish cease-fire.

  19. Quote :
    "On the other hand , I have great sympathy for the Lebanese
    people - and great sadness."
    "We in the west mostly believe
    that Arabs and Muslims hate us. I wish that wasn't the case- I don't hate anyone. I think people are the same everywhere."

    Elect this guy a president or at least give him a medal of honor.

  20. Dear All,

    When you create a beast, don’t expect it to kiss you on your cheek. This is necessarily true when you don’t provide a peaceful environment. The beast remains agitated until you convince him that everything is ok.

    The problem is not as superficial as many people tend to think.
    As you all know, Hezbollah is a resistance to Israeli occupation. They were established around 1982 when Israel invaded Lebanon. Since then, they grew stronger and had social as well as military presence in the country. After Israel was kicked out in 2000 many people started talking about the future of the resistance.

    The resistance has been there for more than 20 years. One cannot expect it to end in a short period of time. Moreover, there are many pre requisites that must hold before doing so. These pre-requisites can be divided into social as well as military pre conditions.

    On the social side: As it was mentioned in many newspapers, the resistance receives around 200 million dollars from Iran per year. At least 500,000 Lebanese people are related to the resistance in one way or another. These are families making money and being supported by Hezbollah. Moreover, the resistance has many social infrastructure including hospitals, schools, etc. Through the multiplier effect and other spending by the resistance, I estimate the total spending per year to be around 800 million dollars.

    You cannot ask the resistance to be dismantled without providing an alternative. As a small economy, we cannot support more unemployment and social disasters. Like most foreign policies, the resolution that calls for the disarmament of Hezbollah does not take this fact into account. They don’t even care about the economic and social problems that might arise. This reminds me of the World Bank and IMF’s solutions to poor countries’ debt and economic problem. They have one recipe for all the problems: Increase taxes, float your exchange rates, and get screwed. The World Bank and the IMF failed to resolve economic problems in many countries because they do not take into account their culture and social norms.
    The same thing is happening in Lebanon but from a political standpoint. Who is going to support all these families after Hezbollah stops receiving aid from abroad? I am asking the U.S to give us at least $1billion /year to solve this problem.

    The second prerequisite is a military one. How can we ask the resistance to disarm if we still have a weak army and a threat on our borders? This does not make sense.

    The U.S sent us $20 million in emergency aids and they claim it an achievement. In contrast, they arm Israel to their teeth without any limits on the type of weapons.
    I remember the U.S sending some military aid in the past few years. In fact, they sent us few tools to fix our 1975 helicopters and other crap from their junk yards.

    Is the U.S willing to supply the Lebanese army with defense capabilities against any Israeli aggression? The Jews say “we want to feel safe”. The U.S replies by sending them arms and all kind of weapons. Aren’t we allowed to feel safe too?
    Why doesn’t the U.S equip our army? I am not talking about sending stuff from their junk yard as we have enough junk already. We need real weapons and tanks. If they do so, then we will not need Hezbollah and will feel safe as well. We don’t want these weapons to kill the Jews. In contrast, we want to protect our land from any aggression on all sides of the border.

    If the above does not happen, what nation can prevent Israel from attacking us any day? They don’t need an alibi to do that as they can create one easily. They have been killing Palestinians for over 40 years now, yet nobody cares. As if Palestinian are not human beings. Same thing is happening to us now.

    Israel violates our airspace daily and implanted hundreds of thousands of land mines without given us maps to their locations. This shows that they don’t want peace. They don’t want Lebanon to stand back on its feet. Every few years they find a reason to destroy our infrastructure as we are the only nation in the region that can compete with them
    If we kill civilians, they say we are terrorists and if we kill military people, they say we are terrorists. What a crappy definition of terrorism they have. It is a perfectly elastic definition that they use as they want.

    Unless all the points I mentioned above are achieved, there is no point from disarming Hezbollah. It is not in our interests to simply implement resolution 1559 without resolving these issues: Economic and Social.

  21. folks,

    the notable countries having a notorious record in the violation of human rights are the US and Israel(let alone other nations such as the arab states). Israel is based on the purity of the jewish race(which is a backwarded version of the nazi theory) and the non-jews r second-class citizen and below. As for the US, its discrimination against the hispanics(people of mexico and mid-america) and against the red indians is well clear in all histroy books even the US-biased ones. So, stop defending israel directly(by justifying its attacks on the civilians and infrastructure) or indirectly by defining hezbollah as terrorists or a tumor on the politics field. why Israel has the right to acquire a nuclear bomb w/o even being a member of the IAEA and iran doesn't have the right to acquire nuclear technology for civilian purposes? why lebanon can't defend its border while its border line is violated on a daily basis for no plausible reason? why the airport should be bombed for an alibi of being a commuter of all weapon shipments to hezbollah? does bombing the airport will delete all the previosu shipments IF they were funnelled through the airport? or bombing the airport has another malicious effetc on lebanon for months to come? why the bridges in the mountains of akkar are bombed while israeli technology can detect if these rroads and bridges r really used to smuggle weapons to hezbollah? why the civilan suburbs of beirut can be bombed with a megatones of explosives everyday while tel aviv is a redline city that if bombed, our infrastructure will get ruined overnight? why, in the name of democracy, children will die while preaching the bible in israel is a felony bylaw that has a punishment up to 1 year in prison? why, in the name of democracy, will the houses of innocent civilians will crumble (sometimes upon their heads) while denouncing and doubting the (mythical) holocaust is enough to bust u in the US? why do they think we r cheaper than them?

    by answering the last question, it will be trivial to get the answers of many posted and unposted questions as well.

  22. To Jeffery:

    Before discussing who started the war, go and check who committed The September 11 attacks:
    As for who started this war the answer is clear. Go and review Israeli newspapers who say that this war was planned for in the past 2 years. They were simply waiting for the right moment.
    As for “cross-border kidnappings hurts Israeli-Lebanese relations?” There are no relations to begin with. They simply spy on us every day and try to create internal conflicts.

    The poor idiots thought that they could wipe out Hezbollah in one week. They were proven wrong after 30days of battles.
    I thought Israel had good intelligence. Apparently, they were not too intelligent. :).

  23. In response to Nasrallah's propaganda I'd ask him, "You say you were targeting military personnel, is that why Hezbollah was launching rockets without any guidance systems into civillian towns in Israel?" He's a liar.