Monday, August 28, 2006

Nasrallah: Lebanese shouldn't be afraid of Hezbollah

In Sheikh Nasrallah's interview on New TV yesterday Sunday August 27, he specified that the weapons exist to protect the Lebanese and Lebanon from the enemy and the attacker, and will never be used to threaten the Lebanese.

He addressed the christians, and the rest of the muslims, not to fear Hezbollah and not to let anyone scare them using the Hezbollah card. This action is an American-Israeli procedure.

Nasrallah implied Hezbollah will not keep their weapons forever...

Nasrallah explained that concerning the help that Hezbollah is providing for rebuilding houses is dedicated to all people who's homes were destroyed and not just the chiite, although naturally they're the majority as they live mostly in Southern Suburb of Beirut and in the South.

About why Hezbollah have rushed into rebuilding Lebanon and not leaving this job for the government, he said that he had pledged to the people that he will rebuild their homes, and he couldn't wait for the government to start yet he doesn't mind helping the government.

Nasrallah was asked by the interviewer from where he is getting money, he said that not to worry, the source of the money is "halal" (good), and there are no political restrictions on them, so she asked: "Is Iran providing you with the money? Are you asking for help from Iran? What if Iran will apply political restrictions?"

Nasrallah: "The money being spent, and the resistance, were never put under any conditions that could harm the general interest of Lebanon..." and he continued that Iran will probably send an Iranian team to help rebuild the bridges and to check other fields where they could help as well.

The interviewer asked him: "Why the money they own are in the U.S. Dollars?"

However Nasrallah didn't answer this question.

The money and donations received to help Lebanon according to Nasrallah are not enough and are not close to the amount needed to rebuild the huge destruction that happened in Lebanon.

Sheikh Nasrallah said that Syria, Iran, any political party or organization or media or reporter, poet, artist or anyone who wrote, spoke, cried, stood by hezbollah can claim victory and not just a partner in victory.

"Will I dedicate this victory to the christians?" Nasrallah rhetorically asked, he responded that a large part of the christians are partners in this victory, such as General Aoun, also a large part of the muslims are also partners, it was their battle too, so no need to dedicate it. All people who were related in one way or another are partners in this victory, if they weren't related and their scared from this victory, then what can he do for them...


Source: New TV


  1. Two or three more victories like this and there won't even be a Lebanon to rebuild. Thanks Hassan...

  2. Back home we call this, polishing a turd. Nasarallah the Iranian monkey started a war of a scale he did not predict. His army only survived by hiding behind their children and parents knowing that Israel would try to minimize collateral casualties at all cost.
    He invited the destruction upon their homes and infrastructure. The blood money paid out by Iran is a drop in the bucket to what Lebanon has lost. Who is going to repay the business person for merchandise lost and revenue when people have fled.
    What about all the tourist dollars lost presently and in the future. Speaking as an American, I would sooner vacation in Haiti than go to a country held hostage by Islamic terrorists.
    Nasrallah can not come close to repaying Lebanon for the lives lost and physical damage. At the end of the day that polished turd still stinks to the high heaven.

  3. We surely don't want any other war on Lebanon. But I can assure you we are not held hostage by islamic terrorists.
    I said it 50 times before, and I will repeat, I am not a Hezbollah fan at all, I am against weapons, but there is also a reality which probably you don't know or don't wish to know. This resistance was formed in reaction to Israeli occupation in 1982... And these people are Lebanese. Like Nasrallah receives weapons and money from Iran, so does Israel from the US.
    It is so weird to see the souble standards here!

    And finally, when things calm down, I totally recommend a vacation in Lebanon... People don't sleep in that place :) And we're hoping more tourists will come next year to compensate!