Monday, August 14, 2006

Nasrallah and El Murr both call for Unity among the Lebanese

Nasrallah's word today was dedicated to all the martyrs that have lost their lives during this war, their families, the civilians, the reporters, the volunteers who helped the displaced, the Lebanese Red Cross and every Lebanese, complementing them for their patience, faith, and endurance.

To the displaced people who's homes were slightly destroyed, he promised that starting tomorrow morning (Wednesday, August 15), their brothers will go and help them rebuild the houses.

As for those who's homes were completely destroyed, he told them not to fear that his promise at the beginning of the war was only talk in order to quiet them. It was real and their Lebanese brothers will go and help them starting tomorrow morning, and they don't even need to ask for the help.

Nasrallah said that some points he would rather discuss with the Lebanese government directly, such as his weapons, and called some parties not to rush or provoke.

Finally Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah called for the youth in Lebanon and all those who can, to volunteer in the rebuilding of Lebanon, and to put their differences aside at this moment. He has claimed that Hezbollah has achieved strategic victory and dedicated it to all Lebanese.

Minister of defense Elias El Murr, in the show "Kalam el Nass" on LBCI with Marcel Ghanem tonight, has called the reserve from 2 to 3 years for optional joining of the army, as they will do a civil and patriotic help to their country, by enrolling in the area where they live. He assured by a 90% that they will not oblige the reserve to join the army, based on the answer that the General of the Lebanese army had given.

El Murr has said that the General has asked technical questions of how the disarming of the resistance will occur, as they do not want to give Israel any opportunity to attack the resistance in anyway. The minister of defense also added that they do not want their orders to come from the UNIFIL or any other international forces; any order in the South, should be agreed on by the government.

The Lebanese army needs 48 hours to prepare since a cease-fire had occured, as bridges and roads to the South are destroyed, and they will need to prepare their military equipment and troops to arrive there.

El Murr insisted that there should be a formula agreed upon in the Security Council concerning the disarming of the resistance in the South.

Concerning the airport, El Murr said they will not submit for the enemy's blockade and wait for them to give them the permission to open the airport and seaport! They will do it anyway after a national decision.

Finally El Murr called for all the leaders in Lebanon and responsibles to stay united in this in order to rebuild Lebanon.

Source: Al Jazeera TV, LBCI TV

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  1. I think Elias el Murr yesterday handled things very well, well most of the things, he was careful in his answers in a way not to tick off Nasrallah and to show support at the same time!

    Nasrallah on the other hand shows great leadership qualities! Wish there are more people like him (not militants though)