Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More than 900 lives ago

The White House: The United States is willing to consider a proposal to use Lebanese troops as a peacekeeping force in Hezbollah-controlled areas but is convinced that Lebanon is not equipped to handle the job on its own.

Israel: Israel's representative in Security Council Gillerman said Israel had "the right and the duty to act in self-defense. And it will spare no effort to bring its abducted soldiers home."

Three-member Arab League delegation: Qatar's foreign minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani, representing> said "If we adopt the resolution without fully considering the reality of Lebanon, we will face a civil war, instead of helping Lebanon, we will destroy Lebanon."
"Lebanon would erupt into a civil war unless there was an immediate cease-fire and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the country's south."

Lebanon: The international affairs minister Mitri emphasized that Beirut would welcome an international force and hoped it would be a U.N. force, albeit with a mandate less robust than the council envisions.
"More than 900 lives ago, we asked for an immediate cease-fire," Mitri told the council on Tuesday. "More than 3,000 injured civilians ago, we asked for an immediate cease-fire."

United Kingdom: Prime Minister Tony Blair said today he hoped to see a UN resolution for a Lebanon ceasefire agreed "by tomorrow" . "We need to take account of the reasonable representations made by the Arab League and the Lebanese.
We need to get the resolutions down tomorrow and with the underlying problems.
After the UN had mandated an international force, it would be crucial to restore the Lebanese Government's control over the south of the country."

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