Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lebanon lego... let go

Sometimes Lebanon feels like a Lego, after being put together... it gets kicked and pieces fall to the ground. And then we rebuild it, but it's still made of pieces that might still fall to the ground on any sensitive move.

I can't help but keep wondering about the future of Lebanon, more like, the shaky future of Lebanon. I am sure that they will rebuild Lebanon. Obviously after the speech Sheikh Nasrallah gave on Monday, August 14, calling all the youth of Lebanon to volunteer and put their differences aside, and focus on the rebuilding of our country.

Lebanon will surely receive many aids, and perhaps international companies from UAE or Kuwait will adopt the project of rebuilding the southern suburb of Beirut, a project that is similar to what happened in downtown, allowing people to go back and live in new houses.

I am torn between several feelings. At one side, I can see the future in Lebanon, on the other side... I don't. It's not the first time this happens in Lebanon, I can go back in history and list how after each war, after each attack, even earthquakes, Lebanon got back on its feet. Everyone who came to Lebanon can testify its beauty, its vibrant roads; if you get stuck in traffic, it’s actually a good thing, because you know you're going to the right place!

I can keep going about the night life, about the adventures you can do in the nature, the beach, the sunny weather all summer, the chilly breeze at night in the mountains, the barbecues in your grandma’s house, everything is close to each other, and not to forget the amazing appetite Lebanese people have, thus the delicious food!

What's funny is that so many people used to tell me about the greatness of Lebanon and that I should appreciate it more. What's more funny (funny sad, not funny haha), is that it what took me to realize how much I love my country is to get stuck outside Lebanon without being able to go back, watching on the Reality TV a new movie called “Israeli war on Lebanon”, that came to a theater near me on July 12, 2006 and lasted for 33 whole days! a non stop movie which resulted so much destruction, damage and death tolls.

I ate fruits here, I ate cucumbers, they don't have a taste!
The houses are beautiful, roads are clean, trees on the side, but there is no one on the streets, what's the point? You would think the area I live in is abandoned.

I am so angry and so mad because every time Lebanon is about to develop, for more companies to invest in our country, for the economy to progress, for tourists to start visiting by thousands, what happens? A war, a political crisis such as the assassination of Hariri followed by 13 other explosions all over Lebanon.

It's definitely not fair, and it's definitely not something we want to see happen again. I would like to live in my country, in my home. I want to do this without worrying if in 2 or 3 years Lebanon will be destroyed again.

What is the true solution? Who is really the one to blame? I observe the politicians in my country, and I don't see good coming from them. This is an honest opinion. I can't trust any of them, they seem to all be working for their good and only their own good! They think of themselves as celebrities, as hot shots, but “snap out of it and see the truth, you actually serve the country”, or at least they should.

A famous wise man once said that the master is the server. The politicians should put aside politics, and just work. They should be like every other employee. Go and do their job, with work ethics! If they don’t know how, then why the hell are they in their positions? They can always go and attend project management classes.

Today, “August 14, 2006”, is not just a new chapter, it’s a new book, a sequel! It’s not possible for politicians to keep playing hide and seek! It’s about time they work, and I presume it’s about time the Lebanese citizens wake up, and demand that their politicians do their job!

Rebuilding Lebanon is not just rebuilding the homes of those brave people, not just engineering and building the destroyed infrastructure, it’s not about building cities only! Because as the proverb says “Men, not walls, make a city.” Therefore I think, it’s about time to re-educate everyone, to care for every girl and boy in this country, to make sure they all get the proper education, to make sure they all grow to respect others' religions but realize it’s not a criteria to judge, love or hate the other! To make sure when they’re grown they receive the right orientation and guidance, to make sure they all get a chance at jobs and that Lebanon has more job opportunities than job applicants!

It’s time to think of Lebanon as a strong and capable country, why can't Lebanon for once be an example for the whole world?




    maybe u have been 2-3months in the US, and now u see that the US(and the West in general) is overestimated by us(we, the people of the third world). I commented one time in this blog that i'd rather live in lebanon under the bomb shells rather than living in a developed country where the people will keep calling me "foreigner" forever. Since this is our native land, we r supposed to stay here not because it ain't easy to get an immigration visa:), but because our culture is very different than theirs, and culture compromise isn't allowed when it comes to anybody's morality. it is time for the lebanese youth to realize that this country needs them today more than ever, and that's the pace where they are supposed to raise their future generations. It's time for the youth to wake up before it's being too late.

  2. You're absolutely right bachir, we are here compromising our culture. I never thought of it this way. but you're right.

  3. I agree with you guys:)I think it is now our role,the youth's role to act as one hand "One for all and all for one"if we really love our country,forgetting anything that could create a conflict or even a controversy.
    I really liked what you wrote liliane and I think that Lebanon to be an example,it should be rebuilt on new basis which are our union,our love and our honest commitments if we want our country to grow stronger, allowing no one to play with us or even think of it.

  4. Exactly :) am glad to see people agreeing on this! I think it's definitely time to put our difference aside and focus on the sole purpose of making our Lebanon better and better! battal badda e3din rekhyina ya3ne!