Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Lebanon I want

I extracted this paragraph from a previous post I've written:

...Today, “August 14, 2006”, is not just a new chapter, it’s a new book, a sequel! It’s not possible for politicians to keep playing hide and seek! It’s about time they work, and I presume it’s about time the Lebanese citizens wake up, and demand that their politicians do their job!

Rebuilding Lebanon is not just rebuilding the homes of those brave people, not just engineering and building the destroyed infrastructure, it’s not about building cities only! Because as the proverb says “Men, not walls, make a city.” Therefore I think, it’s about time to re-educate everyone, to care for every girl and boy in this country, to make sure they all get the proper education, to make sure they all grow to respect others' religions but realize it’s not a criteria to judge, love or hate the other! To make sure when they’re grown they receive the right orientation and guidance, to make sure they all get a chance at jobs and that Lebanon has more job opportunities than job applicants!

It’s time to think of Lebanon as a strong and capable country, why can't Lebanon for once be an example for the whole world?


  1. it is indeed about time ...

  2. When will all the hatred end? When will Peace prevail?