Friday, August 18, 2006

Lahoud's late speech

President Lahoud speech on Friday August 18, 2006The Lebanese president Emile Lahoud spoke about the events that have happened since the war, praising the patriotic and united Lebanese army to continue deployment in the South, their strength due to the support of the Lebanese.

He added that the victory was not only for Lebanon but for all arab nations. Lebanon has come up as a winner by preserving his sovereignty and unity.

"It is time for work", he added, declaring that it is time for the Lebanese to rely and depend on themselves in these periods.

Unfortunately, the speech came in late and useless.


  1. He had to ask permission from his master in Syria before he could utter any word. What a joke this man is....

  2. Prediction: March 14th coalition will be out of power before Lahoud.

  3. What makes you say that?