Friday, August 11, 2006

It's a new dawn, one month for the war

Friday, August 11, 2006 and one month of this war. John Bolton says today: "No decision has been reached yet concerning the UN resolution for cease-fire in Lebanon".

Aug. 11: Smoke rises over Beirut's southern suburbs after Israeli airstrikes.The dawn of Friday was a very busy one for Israeli air-strikes. One attacked Hissa Bridge in Akkar, which connects Lebanon to Syria in north Lebanon, where until now sources say 11 dead and 8 injured. Also several other air-strikes, 3 on Zahrani river, consecutive ones on southern suburb of Beirut, more on Baalbeck road to Homos (Syria), also aiming for Ras Baalbeck bridge, another on Masnaa' also Lebanese-Syrian border, on a public road in Rashaya and many in Tyre.

One month, and more than 1000 dead in Lebanon, where most of them are civilians, and one third are children under 12.
One month, and more than 915'000 displaced.
One month, and more than 3600 are injudred.
One month, and 5 UNIFIL are dead.
One month, and 30 Lebanese soldiers have become martyrs.
One month, and dozens Mirkavas have been destroyed.
One month, and Lebanese infrustructure: 97 Roads, 75 Bridges, 4 Airports including the International Rafic Hariri Airport, 7 Seaports... destroyed.
One month, and almost 8000 buildings, 14 factories, 27 petrol stations, 9 Barracks destroyed and 5 Hospitals attacked.
One month, and almost 40 Israeli civilians have lost their lives.
One month, and dozens of Israeli soldiers have been killed.
One month, and two kidnapped Israeli soldiers.

Russia is going to offer their project for a 72 hours of humanitarian ceae-fire today.

350 Lebanese forces remain detained in Marjaayoun by IDF since yesterday.

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