Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Israel reminds me of kids

Well in general most politicians do, but in particual it is Israel that reminds me of kids everytime I hear a new statement or press release or whatever reply coming from them.

Today it sounded to me like a tiny little boy saying: "We will stop when they will stop." In fact it was Olmert replying to Annan's demand that Israel lifts the blockade off Lebanon.

Israel will lift the blockade and withdraw completely from the regions where IDF is still present in south of Lebanon till today when all points of cease-fire 1701 resolution have been applied...


  1. I enjoy your blog immensely as well as your political views, your candid articles and your overall effort to make people realize what is really happening in the Middle East. I'm originally from Italy but my dad was from Lebanon (Beirut). My older brother was also born in Beirut. I still have family there and in fact my cousin was supposed to get married early this month (August) and due to the war their wedding was postponed. Not to mention that my uncle who now lives in Milan was in Beirut (for the wedding) when the war broke and we all feared he wouldn't make it out alive. Luckily, and thanks to the Italian consulate - he did.
    Lebanon was once the Switzerland of the MidEast, or so they used to call it. I spent many summers there visiting my grandparents and I know how beautiful the country once was. The warmth of the Lebanese people is one of a kind and I miss it terribly.
    Keep up your blog as I check it regularly and have also put a link on my blog.

    Also, thanks for the kind comment on my Salt Spring trip.

    We love you Lebanon.

  2. Get rid of Hizballah, then we'll start taking you seriously as a country.

  3. Please check this link out...

  4. Do you know something...stinky, smelly, snot nosed, dirty, backwards thinking Ayrabs remind me of kids. What a shame our culture is.

  5. Jeff H, point well taken, i'd like to take it a step further and remove the Arab face from Lebanon all together, then... and only then, can Lebanon be at peace with itself.

  6. To Jeff:
    This is not an answer, because:
    1- Hezbollah is a political party, and those people who fought on the south, are Resistence created in reaction to Israel's occupation in 1982. (we're talkin about the resistence in Lebanon)
    2- You can't just get rid of half the people in a country, can't you? You see we're not PRO-GENOCIDE and getting rid of a whole race!
    3- And hmmmm.... take Lebanon seriously? Your answer in itself lacks imgination, knowledge and respect...

    To Anonymous 10:44, I didn't quite understand you, care to elaborate?