Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is Thursday, August 10, the first step for cease-fire?

The United States expressed criticism of the latest escalation of IDF, their expansion of the ground operations in Lebanon. This is probably the strongest criticism that the United States has showed towards Tel Aviv since the beginning of July War 2006.

Moreover, Israel has just declared the suspension of their expansion of ground operations on Lebanon in order to give a chance to the diplomatic efforts. This came right after the news that the leader of the Galile troop in the Israeli Troops has been injured, so was Golani's (source: during the ground operations.

The move can either be interpreted as it is, that Israel really wants to give Diplomacy a chance, or it is playing a trick to win some more time in order to exercise another plan, by picking theirselves up and re-grouping as two of their leaders have been injured and 15 soldiers today have died due to the ground confrontations with Hezbollah militants. Also, a thrid explanation, Olmert will not be able to confront the pressure in the coming hours caused by the injuries of two important militants in the IDF.

Can Israel afford this much loss? What is the next move? End of war, or just a recess.


  1. Israel's capital is Jerusalem. That's where the government is in its entirety. The parliament, the PM's house, the supreme court. It's amazing that you deny Israel is a state and you deny the capital of the non state is in Jerusalem. If you didn't live in fantasy land, you wouldn't start wars that destroy your country. And advice: When the neighbors bring in rockets, it's time to move.

  2. The whole issue isn't wether Israel can afford this much loss. It's about how much the States is willing to sacrifice from Israel to reach its goal in the MiddleEast..
    You see its sort of absurd that the "United States expressed criticism of the latest escalation of IDF", because under the table it was the one that gave them a green light to proceed.
    Also, the suspension of ground operations is because the troops are facing huge set-backs! Diplomatic efforts my arse.. It's all propaganda.
    See when they say that they're willing to give diplomatic efforts a chance its like saying "we've got the upperhand but hey we're nice people so lets give peace a chance"
    If they had the upperhand this would have been over from the first week.

  3. To anonymous:
    I assume you're saying that I meant that Tel Aviv is the capital, hmm I didn't say that. I just translated the news from Al Jazeera.
    You have prejudged that I am one of those who call Israelis Zionists and evil and whatever, you know deny stuff, I don't. So don't go defensive on me ;)

    Two, I guess eveyone knows now that this war was long prepared for, Hezbollah and Israel both knew it was bound to happen, however Hezbollah has basically chosen the time.
    If the war was not in mind, I am pretty sure as a civilized country:
    - Israel could've returned the many Lebanese prisoners in Israel to Lebanon then Hezbollah would have returned the 2 soldiers
    - Israel could've withdrawn from Shebaa Farms, and we wouldn't be in this mess => Hezbollah no reason to stay armed

    So afterall, there many point of views and many sides to see this, but I think one should try to see all, and not just stick to what their media says.

  4. Thank you Anonymous for this geographic lesson. The issue is Hezbollah didn't start the war, and the televised statemnt of Nasrallah on july 12th, mentioned that he just want to get back the Lebanese prisonners and exchange them with the two captured israeli soldiers.
    If the government of Israel was so caring for those two soldiers it wouldn't go into war and cost the IDF more than a 100 israeli killed and much more severely injured most of them from the army.
    Weither we are a pro-Hezbollah or we're not the truth that has to be said give us what is ours and stop making excuses to invade our peacefull country and destroy it just because being jealous of our culture.

  5. To pascal assaf:
    First issue: The truth is a very "negotiable" matter. See its hard to reach a universal truth, so all we're left with is personal opinions..
    So the truth is I agree with you, and what is ours should be returned to us. But their truth is different.

    Second issue: I'd look on a larger scale if I were you. This has got nothing to do with "being jealous of our culture"..
    Of course if we were to consider the issue of cultures alone then yes I agree.
    But this is an entirely different matter.

  6. To Greg,
    First Issue, Quoting "The truth is a very "negotiable" matter", i say that's why there are international laws, and of course the United nations, I, you and many others can list tens of times Israel and the United States broke the laws, and bypassed the UN resolutions concerning Arabs and Lebanon.

    Second: i agree with that, i just wanted to summarize. and i guess i wanted to say that we are a very small country with so much differences and a mixture of religions, and yet we're living side-by-side, which is totally contrary to what Israel is trying to bluf the world that there will not be "A country where people of all religions have absolute equality"

  7. International laws are just a facade so that people feel safe. The leading countries put them, and they break them. Fact.

  8. some inconvenient facts:

    1)There are two types of security council resolutions: those passed under chapter six and those passed under chapter seven.
    Chapter six resolutions do not dictate a solution. They only recommend or suggest or even condemn but it is up to the two parties in question to agree on an acceptable resolution.
    Chapter seven resolutions on the other hand are those that do not give the parties any leeway. they just order a particular outcome

    What gets lost on most people is that Israel is not in violation of any UNSC resolutions because 242... are passed under chapter six i.e. these resolutions ask Israel and its neighbors to agree on a resolution that is acceptable to them. So far both parties have failed to arrive at an agreement.
    1559 ,on the other hand, is passed under chapter seven. Under this resolution there is nothing to be discussed. Syria had to pull out and Lebanon has to disarm the militias. It is similar to an order. Believe it or not besides 1559 every single UNSC chapter seven resolution has been implemented. 1559 will have to be implemented also. There is no other choice .

    2) Hezb'allh has been firing small numbers of rockets into northern ISrael every once in a while for a long time. They fired some the day they crossed the border and kidnapped the soldiers, probably as a diversion.

    3) There are perhaps 3 Lebanese prisoners held in Israel: Samir Kuntar, Nasim Nesser and Yehya Sekaf. Israel claims that Yehya Sekaf is not a prisoner.

    4)Samir Kuntar snuck into Israel where he killed a policeman so he could kidnap a man and his daughter. he then murdered the man in front of the little girl before bashing her skull in. He is in jail serving multiple life terms for murder.

  9. To mikealpha,
    1)Quote: "1559 ,on the other hand, is passed under chapter seven. Under this resolution there is nothing to be discussed."
    I am sorry to tell you that resolution 1559 does not come under chapter seven.

    2) and Israel has been violating Leabon air space on daily basis, kidnapping villager, shooting them in the prairies, and assasinating Lebanese people on the ground of Lebanon.

    3) so !

    4) Killing more than a 1000 civilian in Lebanon , more than 30% of them are kids isn't a crime that puts the whole israeli government in jail to serve "multiple life terms for murder."

    The way you posted your comment was to put us in a position to either accept what samir did or to condemn him. like there was no third choice, this is called false dilemma. it is not our job or mission to defend, agree with, or to convict Samir Kuntar of what he did. It is just what israel is doing to Lebanon now is atrocious and Barbarian.

  10. Pascal Ashaf

    I think you got it wrong. I don't think Israelis are "jelous of your culture" neither I think are american and I can tell you that most europeans certainly are not.

    You say that what Israeli are doing to you is barbaric. True. So why Hizbullah started it (only Nasrallah claims Israel did, no one else)? Furthermore what you are doing to israeli, daily katjuszas rockets, is not barbaric?

    lebaneese air space may have been violated on daily basis but so was Israeli air space with katjuszas.

    regarding point 3 Nasrallah claimed there are thousands of lebaneese prisoners in israeli prisons. Where are they? I see that you do not dispute fact that there are only 4 Lebaneese prisoners in israeli prisons.

    About assasinations..who killed Hairi?

  11. Ella,
    Point 1. "jelous of your culture", i explained to greg what i meant with this in my previous comments.

    Point 2. Also read above about nasrallah's statement on July12. Hezbollah katyusha were rare and most of them were fired on chebaa farms (from 200 till 2006-July). and comapred to israeli violation to Lebanon air space are 1 to 1000.
    And i don't back any act of war done by a government or by a party.
    I quote : "The death of a single human being is too heavy a price for the vindication of any principle, however sacred." -Daniel Berrigan
    I cannot help my self from comparing the number of dead people in this unreasonable war, more than a thousand Lebanese dead most of them are civilians (third of them kids), more than a 100 Israeli dead, most of them are soldiers.

    Point 3. i affirm, that Nasrllah didn't say there are thousands of Lebanese prisonners in Israeli jails. You are mis-informed about this.

    Point 4. Are you asking me or you have the answer and you will reveal it in your upcoming comment? I do not have the qualifications nor the authority to condemn or to reach a truth the UN investigation team could not know even after more than a year of researches. And if you want to know my personnel doubts I was with the over million Lebanese who marched on 14th of March 2005, yelling "Syria Out, Syria Out". i hope i answered you.