Saturday, August 12, 2006

Is Resolution 1701 a diversion till the next war in Lebanon

The UN Security Council unanimously called for an end to the bloodshed between Israel and Hezbollah and for the deployment of a 15,000-strong international peacekeeping force to prevent further conflict. (AFP)UN Security Council just called for "and end to the bloodshed" between Israel and Hezbollah, and for the deployment of 15000 international peacekeeping troops to prevent further conflict.

Is this resolution just a diversion? a way to convince people that it is the first step for ceasefire? Well probably it is, probably by the time the 15000 international troops are ready to come, or come for that matter, and join the Lebanese Army, to all go together and get deployed on the borders, "South Litani River", to "prevent" from further conflict.

IDF will only leave Lebanon when the international / Lebanese troops are deployed. Although, Israel has been asked to retreat. Therefore and until then as Israel has precisely said: "they will NOT halt their attacks and air-strikes on Lebanon, not YET".

The council called for "a full cessation of hostilities based upon, in particular, the immediate cessation by Hezbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military operations."
Source: Yahoo! News
So basically, the above means that Hezbollah must stop all attacks and Israel would stop all "offensive" attacks but not "defensive" ones?

Moreover, the resolution states to return the 2 Israeli kidnapped soldiers by Hezbollah.

What about Shebaa Farms? What about the Lebanese prisoners in Israel?

Finally, if the resolution 1701 doesn't change to a better one, one that makes sense and does really help Lebanon, because this one seems to be in favor to Israel much more than to Lebanon. Then I guess Lebanon will still face the same problem, if not maybe a worse one.

Why? Because they did not do anything that will really give Hezbollah a reason to disarm. And who will be responsible to disarm them? The international troops and the Lebanese army?

Perhaps they liked the blogs about the war on Lebanon so much, that they want us to keep going.


  1. They could've at least put an immediate cease-fire at work.

  2. The international community is not expected to placate private militias. Disarming HA is the sole responsibility of the Lebanese government.HA must disarm because there is no room for ANY group to be treated above the law. If that is not clear then this country is doomed. When would we ever wake up, grow up and act responsibly?

  3. I think that ending the war on Lebanon must be the priority now, disarming Hezbollah comes after, and yes it must be the "sole responsibility" of the Lebanese government.

  4. I know that this seems like a good step, but Israel didn't HALT their attacks, and it said not only before 36 hours, I am worried of the next 36 hours!

    And in 5 minutes, Nasrallah will talk. Alla yestour, he either really ends this or ...