Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is Lebanon to be re-born or re-torn? It's up to Nasrallah

Today Walid Junblat (Leader of the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party) has given a press conference in reply to Nasrallah's speech 3 days ago (Monday 14th of August) and Syrian President Bashar El Assad on Tuesday 15th of August, so did Minister Saad Hariri.

Starting with Junblat, which many consider, to be unstable. I am not sure of this description, however I have to admit that I like the way he answers. He did not provoke or accuse Nasrallah's resitence of anything, he precisely was proud of the brave men who have fought against Israel in the South of Lebanon. However he did imply that none of the national discussion have known or been informed of Nasrallah's intentions concerning the most recent war in Lebanon, nonetheless he expressed that he had his doubts that something was bound to happen.
Nasrallah said on Monday they will rebuild the destroyed homes and they will not wait for the government due to some complications, and Junblat commented by saying that the money that Hezbollah will use are actually money coming from Iran.

Consequently, Junblat suggested that Hezbollah becomes a part of the army.

Moreover Junblat sent questions to Sheikh Nasrallah, asking him what is his stand from the Taef agreement, and who will he dedicate his vitory to, the Lebanese, or the Syrian / Irani governments? He also criticized harshly the Syrian President, saying that he is trying to create a conflict inside Lebanon.

Agreeing with him on the latter part was Saad Hariri, adding to it a saying: "A criminal always goes back to the crime scene". Saad Hariri accused Assad of provoking a turbulance among the Lebanese.

He added: "Standing in the face of Israel is a famous Lebanese production".

Saad Hariri accused Israel of "living off the blood" of Palestinian, Lebanese and other Arab people. He also accused Syria of trying to sow strife in its weaker neighbor, where it kept an occupation force for 29 years. Source: AP
Now that the Syrian President wants to play the game of: "You deserve this. Look at what happened to you when Syria left Lebanon!" and other silly sentences. Politicians such as Hariri, Junblat, Gemayel, Aoun and most of March 14 who were accused of being Israeli agents, will not remain silent, they will answer back.

I am curious to see what Sheikh Nasrallah will reply, I think it's all in his hands, it depends on what he will answer, either a real problem will be created in Lebanon, or a new dawn. He already offered to help rebuild Lebanon, that's good, but how good? Will it affect the regime in Lebanon?

Source: Lebanese Media

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