Thursday, August 17, 2006

Illegal use of Depleted Uranium by Israel on Lebanese civilians

Esteemed depleted uranium expert Dr. Doug Rokke is pointing the finger at Israel for using deadly and illegal depleted uranium munitions against the Lebanese people which were sold to them by the U.S. government - and calls for an immediate halt to the practice.

"What we know from first hand experience and what happened to those of us in Gulf War I and when we did our research for the US Army - the first thing that hits you is respiratory problems, then you have the rashes, then you start having permanent lung damage within a few months because of radiation and chemical toxicity, then you have neurological problems, then you have gastrointestinal problems."

"You have decalcification of the bones and the teeth - then you have all the eye problems due to the alpha and beta damage to the eyes - and then the cancers, the leukemia and everything else," said Rokke.
"We've got all the Lebanese being effected, all the women and children being affected, all the Israelis being effected, and the areas over there are so small you're going to have the whole region effected and contaminated."

Rokke expands on Israeli use of depleted uranium mission in an article in which he states that, "the use of uranium weapons is absolutely unacceptable, and a crime against humanity. Consequently the citizens of the world and all governments must force cessation of uranium weapons use. I must demand that Israel now provide medical care to all DU casualties in Lebanon and clean up all DU contamination."

Source: Israelis Rain Down Deadly DU On Lebanese Civilians, July 28, 2006

Okay this is what I found also that DU (Depleted Uranium) in high doses can cause adverse health effects.
- Several articles about the use of DU in Iraq, Europe to ban, DU Dangers Known before Gulf war...


  1. Someone sent me the link by email! It seems another blogger published it too, but I guess it's alright, the more the merrier!

    Anyway about the subject, I don't know much about this Depleted Uranium, however if its effects are as it is described in the article, than I guess, the people who were exposed to it are scroodge! :S

  2. eh 7assab shoul more :P hehehe.

  3. Depeleted uranium is depleted. That means it consists of non radioactive isotopes of uranium (the majority of uranium is in fact not especially radioactive. It needs extensive processing to become sufficiently radioactive to be used as fuel and much, much more to become nuclear weapons grade.) Depleted unranium is used in anti-tank munitions because all uranium even the non-radioactive isotopes are very dense. This increases the munitions' kinetic energy, which helps to penetrate armor. Hezba'allah doesn't have tanks.

    I would be very grateful if anyone could point me to any treaty ratified by either The US or Israel which bans the use of munitions containing depleted uranium.

    My conclusion are:

    1) such munitions were unlikely to have been used in the recent conflict.

    2)there is no danger from residue from such munitions when they are used.

    Everything is radioactive to a certain degree and there are many types of radiation, many of which are quite benign or beneficial.

  4. Well Mike, actually they said that ever after the uranium becomes depleted, it is still a little bit radioactive and also high usage of it does have bad effects on health (I have posted another 2 links that says this at the end of the article)

    To answer 1) <-- in the article I put a link to which is also the source of this post, they say there were images to prove the Israeli army carrying DU weapons, however after some days they didn't find any, except two that were in Getty images, if you want check the article to see them.

    Now of course pictures don't show the actual use of the DU. However, I think it is still an issue to deal with in case they did use it in the Suburbs of Beirut!

  5. Good Job for pointing this out LILO.

    This is not uncommon for the west to test their weapons on poor countries in the name of peace.
    Unfortunately, Western Leaders never tell their citizens where their tax money is going. Poverty levels are huge in the U.S.A. Over 25% of the working force earns less than $15,000/year. These households are considered living under the poverty line. If these people knew that billions of dollars (including $6billion to Israel per year) were spent to kill other people abroad, they would retaliate and kick their leaders' asses.
    Unfortunately foreign administrations terrorize their people by creating terrorism stories. In this manner they maintain a tight grip on tax revenues to finance their war crimes.
    In fact, we all know that all these bloody wars do not benefit Western populations in general. In contrast major benefits go to weapon manufacturers and oil traders. Both industries are being controlled by those who are in power and their relatives.

    How come Iraq was not allowed to use such weapons? Same thing for IRAN.
    Are we only supposed to be bombed by these forbidden weapons?.

    Screw The Western Justice.


  6. Liliane,

    Everything is radiactive to a degree. It is the dose and type of radiation that determine whether exposure is harmful. If DU munitions were harmful then tank crews, who are in close proximity to and handle the munitions, would develop charateristic illnesses. So would the workers who fabricate them.
    They dont. In fact they dont even wear dosimetry badges like those utilized by some radiation therapy and nuclear power workers. That is because there is not any possibility at all that exposure to DU can result in a harmful dose of radiation.


    The UN doesnt rule any countries. It's decrees have no power (as 1559 demonstrates) unless states enforces them. The rules of war come from treaties which states like the US and Israel signed. There are treaties which ban the use of poison gas. There are none banning the use of DU. Thus it isnt illegal or wrong, no matter what that corrupt crook Kofi Annan may desire.

    I dont wish to be rude,
    but isnt it sort of weird to choose to worry about a fantasy when confronted with the very real dangers facing Lebanon ?

  7. Well I don't mean to be rude myself, but we are also trying to deal (in our way) with all other real dangers facing Lebanon. Explains all the other posts and topics and issues!

  8. Liliane,

    DU is used primarily in shells (particularly anti-tank shells). The links particulalry those concerning Kosovo mention this. Shells are not bombs. Thus it is very unlikely that any DU munitions were used in Beirut. Hezballah has no tanks so it is unlikely that any DU munition were used in the south either. Unless some Hezb'allahs' anti-tank rockets have DU tipped warheads, which I very much doubt.

  9. Depleted uranium has been used in almost all major conflicts of Western nations for the past fifty years. Western use of DU came to the forefront in the Kosovo Conflict, which has led to extensive investigations into previous usage...

    Everyone believed that the supposed "Gulf War Syndrome" was caused by Saddam Husayn's usage of biochemical weaponry; however, the United States and it allies had destroyed 95% of Husayn's caches before the conflict began for fear that he would use them. Vast evidence points to the convincing speculation that the GW Syndrome was caused by DU used in Allied artillery rounds.

    Why does this happen? The reason is quite simple. As Westerners, we looooooove nuclear power -- it's fantastic! But who wants a superfund (e.g., nuclear dump) site next to their house, or even within 100 kilometers? Yeah, I thought so... :-P do we (as Western nations) get ride of our nuclear waste? Throw it other nations... :-(

    (If anyone has the time, research the horrible catastrophe in Haiti, where American state governments literally [, fraudently, and illegally] sold radioactive nuclear waste to Haitians as "fertiliser".) :-(

    In short, do I believe Israel used DU in Lebanon? Of course! Do they have nuclear power plants? If so, they have to get rid of their nuclear waste somehow...

  10. Uranium (all isotopes)is combustable, factures into sharp pieces and is very dense. This combination of properties makes projectiles fabricated from uranium excellent munitions, especially against armor. Thus munitions made from natural uranium would be just as good as those made from DU. The only difference is that they would be slighly MORE radioactive, since the U-235 would not have been removed for use as nuclear fuel. It is the charcteristics of uranium that make it a logical choice for munitions, not the desire to get rid of nuclear waste.

    DU is used for trim weights in some aircraft. Boeing 747 can have .5 to 3 tons of DU. Such aircraft have crashed in or near large cities. Epidemiological studies undertaken after such crashes have not shown DU to be a cause of any health problems.

    U-238 (DU) is of the same chemical family as lead and like lead it is toxic. The danger is chemical, not from radiation. Like lead dose and the chemical form of the compound (for example, metallic is safer than nitrate) are critical.