Friday, August 11, 2006

Hezbollah not to blame for war, reports show (

This is an article that mostly cites the history of Hezbollah, what happened at the beginning of the war and even before this war. It is very informative and is based on reports researched carefully.

One of the central issues in this conflict is the status of Hezbollah. Israel has branded Hezbollah as a terrorist group, and successfully persuaded the United States to do likewise. Britain and Australia fell in behind the U.S. and so too did Canada and the Netherlands. Of the 192-member nations of the United Nations however, only six have listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

The Lebanese government regards Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance group. It operates exclusively within Lebanon, was set up as a result of the 1982 invasion and occupation by Israel, and is largely credited within Lebanon, and internationally, as playing a major part in bringing the Israeli occupation to an end.

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After reading this article it will surely end any confusion or misinformation that a reader has towards Hezbollah, their history, their status, and their role at the initiation of the July 2006 war.


  1. The article that you offer as support for HA in essence indicts HA from the first paragraph. The border was patrolled by the Israeli army on one side and HA fighters on the other. Why was HA patrolling the border in the first place? Is it because they hijacked a country?

  2. You can distort an analysis all you want, but Hezbollah should have been dismantled a long time ago. If the Lebanese government had been given a chance to negotiate with Israel on Shebaa and other matters, we wouldn't be where we are today.
    Good luck in supporting Hezbollah. Their days are counted.
    Israel is determined to erase them while erasing Lebanon.
    If the Lebanese politicians are smart, they should wake-up to it.
    Hezbollah is not a model for Lebanon's future.

  3. Yes anonymous i think "Hezbollah is not a model for Lebanon's future" Only, it should be the model for the whole arab countries.
    One month and Israel could not end the raining of rockets on "its territories". what a power ! and they call IDF one of the strongest well equiped armies in the world.! the best they could do is destro Lebanon's infrastructur, kill civilians and children.

  4. I lost all I wrote! Damn :S

    Ok ma3ak 7a2 Jimmy why don't they throw an a-Bomb 3layna, they will get rid of Lebanon and Hezbollah and everything!

    I was NEVER with Hezbollah, and I blame our politicians for their stupid game of who can act more like a kid since Syria left and until now! As they didn't sieze the opportunity to makes things better!

    And I also blame most of the Lebanese people for not really seeing this!

    After the war ends, I hope there will be no reason for Hezbollah to stay armed, if that happens then we're fine, if not, and our politicians go back to "who appears more on TV and talks crap"

    Anyway Nasrallah began talking! See ya

  5. I think all of you need to understand that after of all of this crap ends, the people that will be able to get on with their everyday lives are the Israelis. Lebabon is destroyed...and you say Hezbollah "hurt" Israel.

    A lot of you think that the war has been a draw, but in reality the economic impact (as well as the physical impact) did not even make a dent in Israles forseeable future.

  6. Oh no trust me, we know the sh*t Lebanon is into now. Lebanon is the biggest loser for sure!

    But we still think this time Israel has lost "As well", for a change, some damage has been done.

    Yet you're probably right, maybe Israeli's will continue their lives normally, and many Lebanese will have to search for new homes and new jobs! and maybe life abroad

  7. I think that till now the major issue u r talking about is Hizbollah and how it should be disarmed and finished as if this resistance is not defending our country and as if it is the one that causes everything!
    People,u should comprehend that eventhough Lebanon as well as the other Arabic Countries can't defend or even protect themselves from Israel hostility,it shows that WE did it even if it costed us too much;loss of lives,homes and infrastructures... whatever but everyone knows that "there is no winning without losses."
    Second yes all the arabic politicians are smart!!and till now they didnt find a way and they did nothing to stop the Israeli deeds even the U.N:(and believe me if there is no one watching,Israel could exterminate us all!
    It was shown to us not only our politicians are kids but the whole world except some who don't fear anyone.
    Finally please don't mourn about mortal things for high morals and values are eternal and these never die.I think yes all countries should look to Lebanon as a model of a tiny country that could stop a tyranny.

  8. I like your attitude Diala, you are right, mortal things are of no value, but how can you be left with high morals. Maybe us, we weren't harmed directly, I mean I still have my job, my salary is still the same, my car doesn't need a lot gas, and around me there was no bombing nothing. But those people who has lost so much, to values and principle, how much can one sacrifice.

    However I agree, that a tiny country such as Lebanon has stood up against unjustice and tyranny as you put it, and has lasted more than one month thanks to Hezbollah resitance, because these people are fighting with passion and not because their country made them go to war such as what happened with IDF and IAF!

    Finally, I believe we did set a model to the whole world, after seeing the support, the demonstrations, the protests in Europe, in the Arab countries, even in the Far East: boosts moral!

    My wish is this war to be the last one.