Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beirut's Haret Hreik, a 360° panoramic view of destruction

Click on the movie to activate it, position the mouse on the movie and drag it in order to view the whole 360°.

(Please wait for the movie to load)

This is how Haret Hreik looks after the recent July war on Lebanon, Haret Hreik is situated on the southern suburb of Beirut, it shows the destroyed buildings.

This Quicktime VR movie was received by email, and no source was specified, if you own this please let us know in order to put your name.


  1. This is really scary.
    I hope your country will be rebuilt and tronger than ever.
    Courage. Ben

  2. Very nice; I should have thought of creating something similar. :)

  3. Walla ya ahmad, you gotta be an expert in HTML :P

  4. Dear Liliane, warm thanks again for linking my site on your great Blog.
    Wishes. Ben

  5. Thank YOU for link to us (You is emphasized hehe).