Thursday, August 24, 2006

All Lebanese should ask for PEACE!

They say Peace is the non-existence of strom, the calmness after the war, the quietness, the acceptance of the new situation, well I think this is wrong. I think Peace is a peace of mind, peace of morals, peace among the Lebanese, peace that there won't be another war! I think right now in Lebanon everyone should speak up. In war they spoke, why don't they speak up now, for Peace?

The Lebanese should do just like what they did on the 14th of March in 2005, when over a million Lebanese marched down to the martyrs square and asked for sovereignty and freedom. This time we should do it for Peace.

Lebanon is for every Lebanese, for my mom, for my father, for my neighbor, for the grocer, for everyone and for me, and I refuse that any politician, Lebanese or whatever nationality, to decide the fate of my country. I get to at least express my opinion and say that I want long lasting peace in Lebanon! Nobody asked me if I wanted this last war!

But even if it's over, I will ask for Peace, because we still don't have it.

Lebanon is my country as much as it is Lahoud's or Murr's or Nasrallah's or Aoun's or anyone else's! And I have a say in this. And what I will say is that I want PEACE in Lebanon, a long lasting one.

If we don't say it soon enough... then I'm afraid it won't happen, only its opposite will.

Does anyone want another war?

If you want peace, then ask for it.

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