Monday, August 14, 2006

8 a.m. Beirut time, has the fire ceased?

Source of Photo, ReutersJust before the time for cease-fire, Israel is trying to pull off its last air-strikes, last on Baalbeck - Zahleh road, in Baalbeck and others in southern Sidon. Resulting injuries and death among the Lebanese civilians again.

Hezbollah has fired 250 rockets to North Israel, the highest since the beginning of war, killing one and injuring more than 50. The Israeli army estimates that Hezbollah has lost almost 530 of its militants during the war.

Israel admitted that 75 soldiers were injured during Sunday's ground combats. Also it had thrown leaflets on central Beirut warning them that it will retaliate in case any offensive is launched from Lebanon on Israel.

Both sides have expressed that if the other attacks, they will respond. Is the cease-fire going to last and lead to peace? or is the only thing that is going to cease is life?

Source: Reuters and Lebanese Media


  1. Lebanon cannot enforce its part of the bargain because HA gets its funding, arms and orders from other capitals . They do not care if Beirut is going to be hit. Its time that we become captains of our ship don't you think?

  2. Definitely. However who's to be the captain? Ya3ne ni7na what can we do?

  3. But you know! It's 8:40 a.m. and I feel there's something fishy about this cease-fire.

    I think now the sun has come up, the Lebanese government should work hard on maintaining the cease-fire, now am still not sure of the Israeli intention!

    Olmert is a like a kid with a new toy!

  4. German Forces will engage in Beyrouth to secure
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  5. well I don't really understand the point of your comment, except that German forces are preparing to come serve in "South Lebanon" near the borders and not Beirut!
    And the rest is in German, and hmm I don't understand it!