Friday, July 28, 2006

Thank you to the Lebanese Red Cross and all other brave volunteers

15 Martyrs till now from the volunteers of the Lebanese Red Cross. They are afraid, yes, but this doesn't stop them from going all the way when there is a wounded that can be saved, they get in their ambulance car, and reach their destination in hope to save another life, while the enemy is hoping that they wouldn't, which explains why so many times Israel's air-strikes beside from bombing the children (who apparently are members of the Hezbollah Militants), and women, and old men, and even men... bombed the ambulance cars of those volunteers, while they're on their way to do their job.
Israel perhaps believe that there might be some ammunition, weapons supply to Hezbollah in Ambulance cars? so they bombed them.

Shows how deliberately Israel Airstrike have shot the middle of the cross

World look at this, volunteers who's job that they love, is to save people, have sacrificed their lives for them. They knew at any second they might die, but this didn't stop them.

Respect and appreciation for all those courageous and brave volunteers. Thank you for saving lives, and hope you stay safe. Humans like you make this world a better place giving us hope for tomorrow.

Watch video from "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone - Reporting from Lebanon" about the Ambulance Attacks



  1. I think there are a lot of people working for Lebanon, some sacrifice a lot, some sacrifice less. Everybody should act as much as he can, This Blog by example, is trying to speak, express gratitude to some efforts, highlight israeli terrorism...
    Let me thank you for your hard work. And i know how difficult is to run a professional blog.

  2. As you said we all do as much as we can, deep inside we all feel the same towards our beloved country.
    Thank you for your kind words, we are trying.

    Liliane and Pascal

  3. yeah i guess it takes a certain personality trait to get someone to react to certain oppressive or grewsome acts of violence like those of the israelies. I have to salute you for your work Liliane, and keep up the good work, at least someone is doing some constructive work without waiting for something in return.

  4. The pictures are fake. I don't know what kind of a "bomb" would put a precise hole where the ventilation duct would go as in this picture but I have yet to see one. I'm not saying that anyone is right or wrong in the bigger scheme of things, just that in this particular instance this is a specific mis-representation of facts. A skew on the TRUTH.