Sunday, July 30, 2006

Qana Massacre... twice

Qana, in the hills east of the southern port city of Tyre, has a bloody history. In 1996, Israeli artillery killed more than 100 civilians who had taken refuge at a U.N. base in the village. That attack sparked an international outcry that helped end an Israeli offensive. Source Yahoo News
Again, Israel attacks a building in Qana of 3 storys, while refugees were hiding and sleeping in the ground floor thinking it is safe from the fighting. 56 dead, among them 34 children and the others are mostly women.

Again, Israel has drawn the attention of the International society which shed some light on the kind of massacre Israel has pulled on South Lebanon today.

This destroyed building that resulted with 56 martyrs, is among several buildings who were hit on Sunday while people were still sleeping to wake up on the horrible act of Olmert's army.

Qana is where Jesus has done one of his many famous miracles, Qana is a village where Jesus has turned water into wine after his mother Virgin Mary has asked him to in a local wedding. The famous Qana wedding, what is it now? Qana Massacre... twice

Watch video of the Israeli attack on Qana.

Courtesy Yahoo News.

To view pictures about what happened in Qana, please click here.



  1. So are you mad at Hezbollah for deliberately hiding amoung civilians and attack from such positions, or are you mad at Israel for defending itself?

  2. Not really sure why so many children were found under such a small roof, but i just have to say that it's a shame that war has become this atrocious, i mean fine you want to kill each other, do it without having to kill children, they don't know about wars without water guns.
    Leave them alone.

  3. To Liberal Liberator :

    I am sorry you interpreted the article this way. Whatever your media is trying to show is unfortunate for you, because it deprives you from truth and reality and human rights.

    Once again, hope the souls of those innocent people rest in peace.

  4. To anonymous.

    Well in the video I posted, they said that these people were too poor and did not have any money to go anywhere, and they innocently thought it was a safe place, they're mainly from 4 different families who have gathered together in hope to remain alive by the end of this war.