Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lebanese and Arab prisoners in the Israeli jails, is still in shade

Israel and John Bolton (US) claimed that it is not possible to negotiate with "terrorists" in order to return the two israeli captive soldiers by Hezbollah.

In the beginning Hezbollah's purpose behind the kidnap of the two soldiers was to open the door to negotiations perhaps an exchange between the soldiers and Lebanese prisoners can take place.

Some of the prisoners spent two thirds of their lives in the Israeli jails, such as the Lebanese Samir Kuntar who's been emprisoned for almost 28 years. 34 of them have spent more than 20 years in captive.

How come until now the international media didn't mention the Lebanese captives, and only the two kidnapped soldiers?

Blair said the only way this war would end is by undoing the actions that caused it in the first place, implying that Hezbollah should return the captive soldiers.
No support for the Lebanese prisoners has appeared yet, 183 of them have died either from execution, medical neglect or physical torture. Currently there are 9850 captives in the Israeli prisons, 79 of them are Arabs.

How come the media didn't shed any light on this issue yet. Discuss and share with us your opinion.

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  1. They probably don't want to give any good reason to back up Hezbollah.