Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israel's surgical precision

Watch this video, very sarcastic and funny. John Stuart from the Daily show.
(The first couple of seconds are blurry, then things catch up. If it cuts in the middle, please try again later)


  1. Surgical, stunning. haha very very funny.
    I like it !

  2. What is so funny about this crap?
    Making fun of a country being shreded into peaces?


  3. No making fun of Israel who is so stupid for bombing the whole country to return 2 israeli soldiers.

    Please kelna ze3lenin 3ala baladna, ma 7adan yzeyid, iza marra maza7na is to show how small our enemy is.

  4. Dear Edgar,
    I wish you read the article of Mr Samir Attallah, you would have understood what some meant by funy.
    كان لبنان السياسي مضحكا لدرجة أن مثل هذه الكارثة كان متوقعا. طبعا كان مضحكا من النوع المأساوي، حيث يرى المواطن أمامه سيركا ومهرجين وكذبة، ويدرك انه عاجز عن أي شيء

  5. Also I would like to point out something interesting and shows a bit of hope that the American Media (in this case a daily show) does know what is really happening in Lebanon and does realize that Israel's reaction to the kidnap of the 2 soldiers by Hezbollah is disproportunite, thus the sarcasm of how is Israel's response is so "Surgical" and "Stunning".