Saturday, July 22, 2006

Israeli air raids attacking Media and Cell Services

The air strikes hit transmission towers for LBCI satellite television in the Kesrwan mountains northeast of Beirut and mobile telephone networks in northern Lebanon. Source
LBCI can be watched from Israel, and most probably Israel does not want their public to see the defeats that Israel's troops have been facing trying to go in Lebanon as they are confronting Hezbollah resistance on ground.

Also Israeli Air Raids have cut the roads on staffs from Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya while moving from Marjaayoun to Hasbayya in South Lebanon; there are no injuries.

Katia Nasser and one of other colleagues from Al Jazeera staff have been threatened and pressured from Israel concerning the news they have been reporting. Same as their colleagues in Palestine have been pressured by the Israeli government.

Give us your feedback concerning these latest actions taken by Israel.

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