Friday, July 21, 2006

IDF lying to their public?

The public opinion in Israel is expressing worry and disappointment in Olmert and his army. Some believe that in 9 days all the IDF was able to accomplish is kill civilians in Lebanon without really achieving their goal, which is finish Hezbollah.

"The Israeli leaders are cheating us! We don't trust them, we are just fighting from sky! On the ground, the reality, we are losing. In 24 hours we lost more than 5 soldiers and 15 wounded. Perts and Ulmert mysu go home soon." said Shlomo from Tel Aviv (07.20.06)

Some think that Israel has been hiding the truth by saying they have killed Israeli leaders while they really haven't, as rockets are still arriving to North Israel.

"We need to know the truth! After 9 days of this war, We know nothing about reality. You said Nassrallah and his colleagues were killed yesterday, then nobody was killed in that place! You are saying 50% of Huzballah power has been damaged and we still have rockets! I see the face of Olmert and others in Isreal, they are worried and scary? Tell us the TRUTH and stop this war now better than later." A post by Ben Jamen, Lod - Israel (07.20.06)

Concerning the ground operations which the IDF has been attempting the past few days, the Israeli citizens are waking up to see that Hezbollah is stronger.

Why is IDF hiding the truth from their people, why aren't they giving them the real reports of what is really happening. Most of the public in Israel believe that IDF has killed 40 Hezbollah Resistants until now, and demolished 50% of Hezbollah bases, which is not true.

If Israeli citizens learned what is happening in Lebanon and what their government is doing to it and how they are hiding the truth, what will they say?

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  1. Yeah well, all governments lie to their people. I think it's all about hiding the truth cuz sometimes it's just too ugly to say, and it would put their moral down.