Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How does it feel?

How does it feel to be on the outside and watch your country get destroyed? I can tell you, it feels horrible. It feels horrible to sit there helpless not being able to do anything for your country. This country is my home, Lebanon is where I was born, Lebanon is where I went to school, Lebanon is where I met my friends, Lebanon is the home of my family. My ancestors, who my mother's part had escaped to the safe Lebanon, to the beautiful Lebanon, that they have become Lebanese themselves.
How does it feel to be just another civilian watching her fellow civilians die with no reason. I always think that there must be a way to solve problems without the need of a war.

Israel has made a war on us. Israel has detroyed a lot of innocent people's homes. Where will they go now? What will they do? They're living right now in schools. What happens when school is bound to start in September? Should we stop teaching the kids? Should our country stop from functioning. No. You got that right. We have survived war over and over again. But does this make us entitled to be the one who has war? again? over and over again?
I can post another article, another analysis about the possible ceasefire with conditions imposed by Israel, repeated by Washington, the United Nations, Rice, Blair, John Bolton...
I can post the condemnations of Israel by some arab countries, France, Italy and others.
Oh Rice paid us a visit, what a great opportunity to see the hope open up of a possible ceasefire.

Cease-fire... is there an undo-fire? Why isn't there an undo-fire? What did we reach? Did we accomplish anything? Is the world going to get better? Is force ever a solution to deprive some people from living; living the lives they are entitled to?

Is this really normal? In war everything goes and some people have to die. We all know this is much bigger than us. We all know that what leaders say on TV is something else from what they say "under" the TV, the agreements they make. It is so funny and offending at the same time. The US saying that it did not accept the offer Syria has made yesterday. It's a sharade, we should prepare oscar trophees and make a special celebration on E! Entertainment TV to reward the best lying politicians.

Politicians, the scum of this world. Thank you again for applying the balance of the Yin Yan. Evil and Good. Good and Evil. Make sure you always do your part in Evil, so others do their part in Good.

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