Thursday, July 20, 2006

Highlights from "Analysis: What Israel hopes to accomplish"

Meanwhile reports from southern Lebanon indicate that Israel in aiming to clear a swath of at least 36 miles between its northern border and the militias, and this by any means possible. A United Press International correspondent in the area seems to think Israel might create a DMZ -- a demilitarized zone -- along its frontier with Lebanon. At that point the Lebanese army could move its units into southern Lebanon and assume control of the region. In the aftermath of hell and high-fire that rained down on South Lebanon as part of Israel`s campaign to expel the Shiite militants from the area, south Lebanese villagers would welcome the legitimacy of the national Lebanese army. But as in all occupations, or call it deployment of troops, the honeymoon period between the newly arrived military and the villagers is a short-lived one.

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